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Wouldn’t the money some people spend on liposuction have been better spent on a personal trainer?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) April 18th, 2011

Many people spend thousands of dollars to have their love handles and other bulges sucked out of them. Many cases they are so over weight it does little to improve their appearance it just makes them look fat instead of obese or portly and chubby over fat. Instead of spending all that to get fat sucked out and not changing much would that money have been better spent on a personal trainer who could actually effected change if they were willing to make them?

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It depends on why they are fat, how fat they are, and whether or not starting an exercise regime would be dangerous for them. If it’s just cosmetic, then yes. If it’s a dangerously fat person, sometimes lipo can save lives.

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The few people I know who have had liposuction have gone through weight loss programs and have weight in places that they can’t seem to lose it, like saddlebag thighs or extra belly fat, which is often due to stress hormones and seems unaffected by exercise and diet.

It is possible to exercise and diet and still retain fat.

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Or better yet, use the money to feed children that have the opposite problem. – No food to make fat with.

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Yeah, but we’re too lazy for that.

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I don’t get “personal trainer” at all. Sit ups and stuff are free. Just do ‘em.

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I don’t think it has to do with lazyness at all, @erichw1504. I had a friend who lost about 85 lbs 15 years ago, before weight loss surgery was popular. She looked good but had hanging stomach fat, hanging so much it touched her leg. She got a tummy tuck and lipo because no amount of sit ups or whatever would have done much for that fat.

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I can NOT believe this. I’ve been here, for the first time in a week, for an hour and 15 minutes. People are just NOW starting to answer questions that I’ve been answering…and now I have to get ready for work! Seriously…I was about to do the naky dance just to get someone’s ATTENTION!!!! Was this a cruel trick you guys have been playing on me?

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Exercise is not spot reduction and there are some spots on the body that exercise isn’t going to change in the same way as others. Exercise isn’t usually enough to get rid of love handles an adult has grown or a paunchy belly carried for a few years. Some people just collect fat in peskier spots than others. Once lipo has been done then the fat cells in that area are reduced so the next time the person gains some pounds then the fat will collect in other areas faster, kind of evening the score for the apple or pear shaped.

I love a toned body but wouldn’t shun lipo if a few spots refuse to snap up after awhile.

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