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How does one measure the capacity of a round bottom boiling flask?

Asked by peedub (8703points) April 19th, 2011

I found a round bottom boiling flask that is without a label stating how much capacity it holds. I’ve measured out liquid and poured it inside the flask (to the top), so I know how much it can possibly hold. Is there a ‘cutoff’ line somewhere? I want to sell it on eBay, so knowing how to label the flask will help. Thank you!

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Fill it and pour it into a liquid measuring jug to measure the capacity.

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So do I fill it to the top, or is there an invisible line I need to know about? That’s what I want to know.

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Oh – how to decide where the capacity is measured from? Got it, but don’t know the answer. Since there is no line, I would guess the top; but maybe do an imaginary line at the bottom of the neck and list both measurments in your write-up.

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Good idea, that’s what I thought. Thanks for articulating my question better.

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For ease I would list it with a capacity that is a nice square number that happens to fill up most of the flask. That way you don’t have a “153.245ml flask” you have a “150ml flask”. But in general, any amount of liquid that fills it to the very top or almost the top will be enough for the consumer to get a good idea of how much it holds.

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