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Can my girlfriend get the gardisil vaccine and be sexually active?

Asked by Markos (73points) April 21st, 2008
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The gardasil vaccine protects against several strains of the HPV virus (which causes genital warts and cervical cancer). It does NOT protect against pregnancy, or any other STDs (including HIV/AIDS). I personally recommend that all young women get this vaccine because HPV can be transmitted through skin to skin contact even if there is no intercourse. Please use safe sex practices and be honest with your partner.

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Note: HPV also causes genital warts and penile cancers in men, and anal cancers for both men and women. Although gardasil (or similar vaccine) is not yet available for men, perhaps it will be in the future. Condoms or abstinence are still the way to go to protect yourself and others from disease and unwanted pregnancy.

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Ok, but i heard that she cant have sex after the vaccine, is it true? or something similar?

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Oh, sorry. She can have sex after the vaccine – it isn’t a chastity belt. :)

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yes, she can have sex!

Ive had the vaccine, you get three doses of them every three months… Ouch they hurt, but im glad to know I’m protected from “several strains of the HPV virus”!!!

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Ok, the thing is that someone told my gf that she needs to be w/o sex for three months or so before the shots.

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Weird.. No doctor or nurse told me that.
And it doesnt say not to have sex in the ads on tv, just to practice safe sex

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I just had my 2nd shot (of 3) and work at a health related non-profit. From what we’ve been told, having or not having sex should not affect whether she can get the shot. @thehaight is right though about the safe sex part.. if only because the HPV vaccination doesn’t protect against all strains of HPV or other STIs.

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@Markos: That’s definitely not true – maybe she just doesn’t want to have sex with you – uh oh!

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