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Know of any anti-aphrodisiacs?

Asked by tyson (11points) December 20th, 2006
so there are a bunch of herbs, foods, exercises, etc. that have been said to increase libido. does anyone know of things that are suppose to decrease libido? i have a catheter in and any help would be much appreciated. thanks.
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picture of your mom
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wow, I have never felt the need to Get It Down...except maybe at work...or church. There are a lot of hotties in church. I don't know, read a book, punch yourself in the face perhaps. Seriously though, I have found that tylenol pm really takes the wind out of your sails. As far as food or herbs, no idea.
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This isn't quite exactly your answer although it might help. Feel better!

Excessive Sex Drive by Conrad Richter

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Anti-depression (Prozac, Zoloft, etc) and anti-anxiety meds (Valium, etc) and those used for epilepsy and panic attacks (Klonopin) have as a side-effect, the lowering of libido. That may mean something different for women than for men. And taking unneeded psychotrophic drugs is a Draconian measure. The Doc. who put yr catheter in may have some ideas...
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I have generally found 5 minutes or so of watching "The View" works wonders. And if Trudy's husband is having sex 7-8 times a day with her AND masturbating 2-6 times a day, I can only reach two conclusions: 1) Neither of these people can possibly be gainfully employed; and 2) they should be seeking herbal treatments for calluses.
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Off subject - thanks for today's laugh, hossman. Better than looking forward to eating wet bread, fat and too much sugar.
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Anything with Rosie O'Donnell, except "A League of Their Own," 'cause you might accidentally think of Bittie Schram or some of the other cast members, which would have the opposite effect, and even Rosie is almost kinda cute at times, and, OK, just stick with thinking of Whoopie Goldberg.
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Apparently, cherries are also an anti-aphrodesiac.
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Anecdotal claims are made for tofu (that Buddhist Monks in China and elsewhere consumed much of it for this exact reason) and the vegetarian diet in general; both seem somewhat unsubstantiated but perhaps worth a try. If you're willing to take drugs, the list is impressive, check out: but I'd talk to a doc to see if there aren't any for this express purpose before taking one for which its a side effect. The theory behind soy milk, tofu or other soy products is the isoflavinoid content, which is a plant-produced estrogen-mimic (phytoestrogen). Estrogen doesn't help your sex drive. Check out:
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Clamato. I'm telling you, you'll be puking way to much to have sex.
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The thought of "70s" uh...mane...does it for me.

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My chem teacher (and licensed pharmacist) once said that Potassium Nitrate lowered libido.

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i would suggest reading toaist literature or some other path that can promot celebacy. the thoughts that they get to focus on by abstaining may help you to leave that part of your brain dormant.
thats what worked for me to have 4 years of celebacy…. lots of deep poetry and solo camping, allowing the faces or urges to flow past, dissolving and blowing away with the breeze.
interestingly, i had a powerfull and short sexual relationship after that. amazing! that part of my life energy (sex) expanded with the energy of volcanos for a short time, and really expanded my health and now has settled into a very mature and healthy sex life with an excellent fiance
good luck, friend
thoughts of winter and ice, i am sending you~*

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Birkenstock sandals.

Apologies to cartoonist Callahan.

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Some anti-aphrodisiacs foods are:
Soy- There’s a persistent rumor that monks eat soy to stave off sexual urges.
Licorice- Eating enough of it can slow libido in men and women.
Corn Flakes.

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