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What have you checked off your bucket list lately?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23112points) April 20th, 2011

I’m almost 32, and I’m finally going to my first real concert! My husband’s sister called and asked me to be her date, since I’ve never been. We’ll be rockin’ out at Edgefest next Saturday, and I can’t wait!!

What have you been able to mark off your bucket list recently? Bungee jumping? Skydiving? Parasailing? Traveling somewhere special? Is your list finally getting shorter?

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Whitewater rafting a class IV-V section of a river. It was my first rafting experience. That was almost two years ago though. Time to plan another adventure! =)

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I hope to mark off another thing by my birthday this June.
There is always something new to add to that list
Have fun at the concert!
@jonsblond-That sounds like a blast!

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I’ll be marking one off soon, when I buy the motorcycle I’m looking at.

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My bucket list was retired 2 months ago.

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@jonsblond Sweet, I love whitewater rafting! I’ve gone several times and nearly drowned once, lol, but it was still a complete blast!

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call 911. something i always wanted to try. it was on a drunk driver who passed out. no one was hurt.

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Teaching my son to read. :) He’s doing so well at it. I was thrilled to be able to see it happen.

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@WillWorkForChocolate It was exciting, especially since the guides were very excited themselves. It had been a record snowfall over the winter and the river was at levels many of them had never seen before. It’s scary when they tell you you are on your own if you fall in! One of the girls in our group fell in, but luckily she held on and was pulled back in the raft. I would go all the time if we had a river near us. =)

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Come on out to Coloma, I’ve got a class 3 river with some class 4+ whitewater 5 minutes from my house! :-)

Tis the season again, sadly, we have lots of drownings.

River guides in training come from all over the country and the world to practice on the mighty American river.

Last summer we had a young guide fall from his raft and become wedged between some boulders in the rapids. He didn’t make it. :-(

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@willworkforchocolate, can I come with you?!
I just returned home after visiting South America. I got to see the Andes Mountains, the Amazon River, and best of all I went to Machu Picchu. All in three weeks. Added to that I went to the middle of Cape Horn even though after hitting the middle we went back to the coast and went through the channel instead.

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@jonsblond I got knocked out too, then went head first over what our guide called “Widow’s Ledge” because several kayakers died when they went over a couple years before. Long story made as short as possible- I got jammed under a rock, thought I was about to die, felt peaceful all of a sudden, then felt someone grab my vest and pull me up. It was terrifying and wonderful, at the same time.

@GracieT Snag you a ticket and come on over to Dallas!!

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Cross the 20k mark on Fluther. My life is now complete.

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Well, in June I will be going to my first Star Trek convention which I am super excited about. :) I’ve never been to one before and that is something I definitely need to do before I die.

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I add things to my bucket list faster than I take them off. It’s hard to take things off when you have no money :(

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@Coloma That five minutes to get in, or five minutes after you get out?

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Visited Amsterdam in January.

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I finally bought the gun of my dreams, I visited the Holocaust museum, and I painted a mural.

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@KatawaGray, rather ironically when my husband and I started to go on the “Geek Cruises” Q from the Next Generation series and on the second cruise Wes, also of the Next Generation were on the cruise also. I have to laugh saying the also, because also on the second cruise was a Trek convention! Sulu of the origional series was on that trip also. I had to laugh because non-geeks were doomed on that cruise. If you weren’t Trek or Apple Computers you had no hope. We outnumbered “normal” people!

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Not much left on my “bucket list,” but I did talk to a University about applying to their PhD program yesterday. If I do go for it, I’ll be 71 or 72 when I graduate! LOL!

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@CaptainHarley Would we call you Dr. or Capt.??

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I’ll call him Dr.Captain. :-)

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I’ve kicked another bucket of unhealthy friend out of my life. lol

Yep, part of my bucket list is identifying and tossing worn out, leaky buckets from my bucket brigade! haha

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This will sound silly but…I ate a pomegranate. Yup, that was one item on the bucket list.

One item that got added and then checked off in the same week was to walk around the whole perimeter of the wall that encircles the city of Marrakesh, Morocco. It completely took us off the well-beaten tourist path, and a few times, it was a bit scary.

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Going on a river cruise in Europe and visiting Asheville, North Carolina. Oh – and becoming a Bubby.

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@janbb mazel tov—such nachas!

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I bought a bucket. That was pretty epic

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Um….we bought a flat screen TV. Well, that actually wasn’t on MY bucket list. That was my husband’s bucket list. My next bucket item would be Dyson Vac.

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@Pied_Pfeffer I grew up with a pomegranate bush in our backyard in Vegas. My mom would get so angry with my friends and I because we would slam them on the patio to open them and it stained the patio. I love pomegranates! Did you like it?

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@cruiser @wilma

Very funny, guys. I may just make you call me Doctor Captain! : P

I’ve been down this planning and dreaming about a PhD road several times, but I always seem to find some reason to not continue. I think I just believe at some level that I’m not going to live all that long to finish it, or use it for some good purpose.

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the list never gets shorter…Cruiser What was that last item on your bucket list,lol?

Mainly my bucket list concerns traveling places. I crossed off Vienna and Paris. Next is Venice!!! I can’t wait! Going in June. Maybe Ireland next year….

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Dutchess lll Not enough! I have waited a good long time before ever getting to Europe!
Sadly, I am not one of those people who can travel on a shoestring. Not the youth hostel type.

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Dutchess lll If you are asking me, it’s just that I am uncomfortable rooming with a bunch of strangers. It makes me uneasy. I am an introvert.

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I’m going to be 45 this year and will finally travel outside the US (aside from HI and Canada) for pleasure, what I consider to be “travel”.

I’m getting remarried which is something I assumed I’d had done within the first 5 years of my divorce 15 years ago but it didn’t happen that way.

By the end of this year I will have gone parasailing which has been on my bucket list awhile.

I now have some of the most awesome of firearms.

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@Neizvestnaya What firearms do you have, if I may ask?

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Anyone who hasn;t been up in a hot air balloon…gotta do it! So exhilarating, amazing, scary, breath taking! Made all the better with a champagne launch at sunrise! Woo Hoo!

I took my daughter up for her 21st B-day 2 years ago, we had so much fun, and drank so much champagne! lol

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@Coloma Can we whitewater raft and balloon ride? I’m in! =)

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Yep, float on the river then float OVER the river! lol

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@KatetheGreat: Sig Sauer 226 9mm, H&K p230 9mm and a Centurion AK-47.

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I agree with @Coloma. I had the chance to go up in the hot air balloon that some friends owned, and it was incredible! I was somewhat scared of going
up at first, but after lift-off
I was too busy looking around
and being amazed to be

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Isn’t it great! is the single most exhilarating adventure I have ever had, next to lying on my belly on the edge of a cliff in the canyon lands of Utah and learning to pee in chinese toilets on moving trains! hahaha

P.S. Did you know that wicker is one of the strongest materials ever and the wicker balloon baskets have not changed in over 200 years of ballooning? It certainly is weird, floating in a glorified cat basket 1000’s of feet off the ground. We only accended to about 2–3000 feet but competitive ballooners travel in excess of 10,000 feet!

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I have also done the balloon thing. I highly recommend.

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‘Ballooners’? Maybe I should have said ‘ballon-ists! lol

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