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Help! What do I do with this bird?

Asked by leopardgecko123 (777points) April 20th, 2011

There is a phoebe bird nest in the top corner of the cieling of my back porch. This morning I found a baby bird that had fallen out and was trying to fly away but couldn’t. My mom put it back in the nest, but it fell out again that afternoon. It’s fur is all ruffled and it looks like his left foot is broken. I tried to give him a meal worm but he would not do anything, even when it touched him. What can I do to help it?! Please help!

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If there is a bird sanctuary nearby call them, otherwise leave it alone. It will find a place to hide until it has rested enough to fly off. The mother bird will take care of it.

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@WestRiverrat is right – call a bird sanctuary that will take it in-or leave it alone and let nature take it’s course. I’ve heard that some birds will not return to a nest or care for a baby that has been touched by humans—so the more you touch the baby/nest—the less likely the mother bird is to return and care for it. Best to leave it alone.

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Look up online bird rescue in your area. Call them for help.

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Yes they are right try to call a bird santuary. Poor bird… D;

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If you live near a humane society, you may also take the bird there. Most HSUSs have a small wildlife clinic within them, or will take care of the bird until a sanctuary can.

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What they said. Another search term you can look for near you is “wildlife rehabilitator”.

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Yep, what @WestRiverrat said first.
If you plan on finding a rehabber then keep the baby WDQ ( warm, dark & quiet ) and away from pets until it is picked up or transported.

Also…just in case, many people don’t know that touching a baby bird won’t result in it being abandoned. Songbirds have a very poor sense of smell and this is a complete myth.

Good luck..I love Phoebes, have Black Phoebes nesting here too!

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If all fails you can raise it in a warm box with a bit of straw bedding and feed it watered down cat food through a syringe. Ive done this twice, The birds learned to fly by themselves by jumping off the garden bench they hung around the garden for a few months flying up to the table to try get food when I was there. One still visits the garden over a year later.
Good luck

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When I found a baby bird and was worried it would get eaten by neighborhood cats, I just called the DEC who then gave me a number to a lady who did wildlife rehab for birds. Good luck with yours :).

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Thanks for all the tips!!! I have good and bad news on the bird. Good news: I put him in a large box and set him out on my patio table. The mother and father bird were trying to get in there. The baby somehow hopped up onto the edge of the box and fluttered( not really flew ) to our bird perch a few feet away. His parents immediately started feeding him. I watched them for an hour then went to volley ball practice.
Bad news: When I came home, the bird was gone!! My dad thinks it went into the bushes below the perch for the night, but I didn’t see it this morning. Weird.

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@leopardgecko123 That’s not bad news, it’s GREAT! The parents came back & fed it. They probably lured it up about 3–4 feet off the ground by hopping twig by twig into a shrub/bush and most likely the dad bird slept near it all night ;)

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What great parents!

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And what a great person you are for trying to help this little bird! You are wonderful!

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bad news
I’m sorry to inform you all that my dad found the baby bird in our backyard dead this morning. :(

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Oh. So Sorry. This does allow the parent birds to focus on the other fledglings though.

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wait!! That dead bird was a different bird!!! I don’t know where that baby bird is. Sorry for the confusion!!!

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Sweet jesus.

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