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Where will your next vacation take you?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) April 20th, 2011

Have any planned? Going to start planning? What are you going to do there? Are you meeting someone there?

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London and Paris to sightsee in August. I’m going on my sister’s terms, which means the trip is nine days long, and I can’t go anywhere without her. I personally don’t think nine days is enough to see one city, let alone both, but I’m happy I’m going somewhere
Knocks on something so it doesn’t get canceled like all plans in my life

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My back yard. I have a lot of landscaping to get done this year.

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I’m going to be in Moscow, Russia for 6 weeks this summer. I’m also going to Milan and the UK for a little while.

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I just got a job doing offshore rig work in the gulf but since I live in north central Arkansas, my vacation will either be the two weeks at a time I’m out in the middle of the gulf or the two weeks at a time I’m home.

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A few days in Glen Affric with brother and sister.

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We always join our family in San Diego, and this year, my MIL is planning to move to an independent living apartment, so we are probably going to go down there to help her make the move.

I did take my birthday away from family, with a free room offer from a beach resort in the Monterey area. It was very nice.

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@flutherother That looks absolutely breathtaking! I want to go!

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@KatetheGreat @noelleptc It is beautiful and my brother is lucky enough to live nearby.

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Either Spring Green, Wisconsin or somewhere in the Bahamas.

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@Aesthetic_Mess, @KatetheGreat, both of you have fun! I had a ball on my last trip. I would love to go to Asia or to Europe, but am stuck around North, Central, and South America. I hope you both have great time, but also wish that I could go with you!

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@GracieT I’ll take a lot of pictures! Why can’t you go to Europe?

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@noelleptc You mean the gulf that had the oil in it?

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@noelleptc Fun! I hope it’s clean!

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Kauai, in a couple of weeks! May 7!

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Charleston, SC.

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Your house.

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Fiancee booked our honeymoon voyage this morning! We’re going to the Eastern Caribbean in the fall.

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@Jude I actually live near there!

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@noelleptc I’m already outside. Let me in…......

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@noelleptc did you bring sister Suze and Brother John?

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My next trip will be to NYC or Indiana. My next real vacation will be to Spain, Ireland, or Prague, trying to decide which.

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@Aesthetic_Mess Paris you can spend alot of days just exploring the different sites. I spent an entire day at the Louvre Museum it is so big and has such an amazing variety of art I wished I had a week to keep going back to explore more of just the Louvre. Another great place to visit is is the Palace of Versailles we spent an entire day exploring the palace and the grounds. Oh and if you have a flair for the gruesome go to the Catacombs of Paris it is quite amazing how they dug up the different cemetaries and put them in there and how they piled up the bones and actually made different pictures with the sculls and bones. I am telling you, you could spend 9 days exploring Paris alone let alone all the sites to see in England, you have the changing of the guard, the different churchs, not to mention the crown jewels. Its amazing the places you will get to see.

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Orbiting the earth in a spaceship.
I found a really good ticket on travelocity.

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My next trip is actually staying in my state but taking my daughter camping for the first time this summer by the ocean here. I have our space reserved already and looking forward to her having the whole experience

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I have one planned… well my friend planned it. More or less a surprise for me. All I know is there is a beach, and we are staying from 6/8~6/12. I can not wait!!

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@noelleptc I was listening to an old Wings LP today. @Blackberry and your banter reminded me of Let Em In.

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My dream vacation is to go to the Gal├ípagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador. It’s where Darwin went to aid his evolution theory. There are so many weird, rare, unique, original species there. I hear some are so tame that they come up right next to you! That’d be so awesome. It’s reeeeeally expensive though, but I am gonna try to voyage there in my lifetime.

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No money for a vacation this year. We have several lakes and campgrounds in the area, one only 1½ miles down the road. That’s as far as we’re going. Who knows, we may travel the 40 minutes it would take us to get to the Mississippi River.

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I hope to take a road trip to North Carolina and another trip or two to the west side of Michigan.

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Disneyland, probably. Hoping for another lunch at Club 33.

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NC? Kewl! I’ll be going back there next month, riding my Harley the full 1,200 miles one way. : )

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@KatetheGreat, Just hasn’t been in the cards yet. It is something I would really love to do, I just haven’t been able to. I was supposed to in high school, but the first round of airplane hijacking happened then. Then I was supposed to with friends, but she got sick and he decided not to go. Most recently my husband and I were going to go with relatives- guess what- it DIDN’T happen! :o) I will get there someday, now though I get to just be jealous. But I wish you both fabulous times. Think of me while you’re there!

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Moultonborough New Hampshire. A week or two too early so as not to conflict with something that ended up not happening. Sigh.

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@CaptainHarley-I love the ride down there.Are you going to the Outer Banks,by chance??

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Probably Rolling Thunder. The big biker rally for POWs and MIAs held in DC @lucillelucillelucille.

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UK in June, followed by Alice Springs. Only part holiday- doing research in UK, and then presenting at a conference in Alice Springs.

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@Cozzled You wouldn’t happen to be a pilot, would you? Virgin Galactic is looking for Pilot-Astronauts. :)

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My significant other and I are planning a road trip to San Francisco this summer. I’ve never been up north. We stopped at the airport to make a connecting flight home. The view of the city from the sky was gorgeous and I’m anxious to return.

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I want to go to India very much. I loved asia last year, but India will have to wait awhile.

It must be a past life thing or something, I love the far east.

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NW Michigan in July to go to Scout summer camp with my 2 boys and then in August to take the boat up to Shawano Wisconsin and do some fishing and water skiing.

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We leave Friday for Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Grand Turk/Caicos and some other island in the Bahamas. Woo hoo!

I’ve never been out of the US aside from Canada so this is exciting for me.

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