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How can I cure my trust issues?

Asked by KilikaMagick (14points) April 20th, 2011

I’ve never trusted anyone really…I don’t have many friends, my mom taught me to stay a “hermit” since letting people in my world would just destroy and vandalize my world…I only have two in, but I mean…I don’t trust any others since I’m different they don’t understand with out the judgmental thought on me… How can I break my issues on trust? Or…at least have me not feel that it’s there.

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Sometimes even the best of any person’s friends would cause frustration, all the way up to a point of maybe “destroying” his or her world. That is a natural part of a human being’s life. The best response is pick yourself up, quickly if possible everytime you fall when they fail you or you fail them.
There are a lot of people out there whose very family members do not deserve their trust. The relationship either disintegrates or in some cases gets fixed in the end. I don’t know the answer exactly as to how you can cure your trust issues but I have a feeling if you open yourself to explore more friendships, that may lead to a possible cure.

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Hmm…funny…My mom teaches me that too…But I can’t say…I guess you sort of have to have a little bit of both…Since you need, friendship and love…But all I can say is that it eventually leads to ruin, and a lowered self-esteem than that of what you had already. But you know, never not worth a try.

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I’m currently working on @mazingerz88 ‘s way. Just to try and trust people and let them in and if it goes to dust then “pick yourself up, quickly”. Its Hard sometimes but I don’t think my dream of living as a hermit in the mountains is a viable way of surviving and my past ways of keeping my guard up constantly was creating misery. So we gotta keep trying and learn to recover quickly when you get hurt.

(A lot of my problems stem from being too honest, full honesty is still not accepted in this day & age. Seems to me we need to be cold blooded unemotional liars to really ‘succeed’)

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Do you trust your mom?

Don’t trust anyone is kind of a saying I think, that you might be taking to literally. You should be able to trust the people closest to you. The trick is to become close with people who are trustworthy. Your mom have a pattern of being involved with people who lie and cheat. If so, you need to work on not following in her foot steps. You also need to be completely trustworthy yourself. You will atract those similar to you in this realm, although of course you might have a dissappointment or two in life, but overall it works out. It’s a great feeling to be surrounded by people you trust, it is worth pursing.

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It would probably help you to work with a therapist. Your trust issues are very deep.

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Find people who are trustworthy and similar to you. People who are similar to you are less likely to frustrate you as much, and in time you will come to trust them. People who are trustworthy are much less likely to break your trust.

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@KilikaMagick I am the exact opposite of you, I trust people too easiliy. I always give everyone the benefit of the doubt. But, if they do something that proves they aren’t trustworthy, then I won’t trust them again.
My advice to you would be to try and give people a chance. Maybe try to find someone who can relate to you. It’s easiest to trust people who are most like you, since you know what they are like.

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Very simple. Deal with people that you trust! If you can’t trust someone….stay away from them as best you can. Trust is the most essential building block in any relationship. Once it is gone….it is very difficult to regain.

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