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What kind of diamond engagement ring should I buy?

Asked by BigBlue (4points) April 21st, 2011

Meaning not what store I should buy from, unless someone knows a store that has very unique engagement rings, but I want something cool and original.

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Don’t get a diamond. Get her a gemstone she actually likes.

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this store has some interesting shapes and designs
You could try antique shops. They usually have interesting designs and settings for engagement rings.

Also take a look at this website

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Do you already have an idea of what she would like? To get something really original, you’ll want to go to a jeweler that will allow you to custom design the ring. Otherwise, anything you buy from a regular jewelry store won’t really meet your idea of being original/unique.

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Estate jewelry is beautiful and not something everyone else has.

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Something you think she likes?

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I pass by this jewelry store in the mall once in a while and their ring designs are always unusual but elegant and exciting. I just checked their website, unfortunately they don’t have photos of those rings I saw.

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Find a local, independent jewelry designer and work with them. That was you & your fiancee can work with that person to make something beautiful. And you have the bonus of supporting a local business.

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An expensive one.

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Why not have one made? It isn’t as expensive as you may think. That way you can work with a designer and make something that is unique for you both. I don’t mean the designer in the local high street shop though. They will still charge you a fortune. Ask people you know (especially those who buy quality jewellery) if they know any diamond dealers or jewellery designers. There is also probably an organisation that registers jewellers/diamond dealers. You need to make sure you go to someone reputable. However, this can help you avoid paying retail prices which can be over-the-top for poor quality stones.

Make sure you know the different grades/cuts/clarity etc. for diamonds. I have seen high street jewellers here selling almost brown diamonds for ridiculous prices. I have had diamond jewellery made and paid about half the price and ended up with much better quality diamonds in a unique setting, so do some research.

If you see a ring you like in a shop window, take a picture if you can and then find out how much to get something similar made, perhaps with a smaller diamond.

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Please, if you are getting a diamond, find a Canadian conflict-free diamond. Too many people are dying over these gems.

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Great answer @aprilsimnel. I agree wholeheartedly.

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Ebay. Don’t knock it. I have gotten many fabulous stones here. Just brush up on your gem terminology. Take it to a jeweller and find a beautiful setting. I would recommend pave. Spectacular.

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If there is no ring in ‘the family,’ and you can’t make a ring yourself (I made my Dad and Step-Mom’s wedding rings), you might find this article interesting. Diamonds are pretty yes. A girls best friend? Maybe, maybe not. But the sociopolitical/socioeconomic nature of diamonds probably is worth avoiding. Family heirloom diamond engagement rings are ok. But if you’re buying, maybe consider a different stone. If you want something valuable that looks like a diamond, moissanite might just be your rock.

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Would she want to pick out her own ring?

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Totally agree with @aprilsimnel. Please get a conflict-free diamond. Wikipedia has a decent article on the African diamond trade here. You really shouldn’t finance that stuff.

Also, are you sure she wants a diamond? There are other pretty stones.

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You could show her this site under the guise of “look what they can do on the web” and find out what she likes, then wait a few months and surprise her.

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@BigBlue Welcome to fluther, and, I am assuming, congratulations are in order.

I would go for a unique ring – perhaps an emerald – but that would cost about 2–3 months salary.

Good luck.

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Try to find out what kind of ring she would actually like. Not all women (myself included) would prefer a diamond. Some women like much more simple rings, some women like other stones (maybe her birthstones) some women are more practical (like me) and would prefer to pick out a ring from a thrift store, antique store or a pawn shop. Some women like very ornate rings and some women (like me) prefer a ring that is more under-stated. Some women have jobs where they need a less high profile ring (where a ring with a stone could actually get in the way of machinery or cooking or nursing or whatever) You can ask her mom and her friends, or if you have to, ask her directly (unless you are bound and determined to surprise her).

A few of my friends have designed their own rings, and then had another friend who happened to be a jewelry artist actually make the rings. You can also find some beautiful “artistic” rings on etsy.

Just make sure that you know what your fiance actually likes. There was another thread on here a long while back where a man bought his lady a ring, and it was totally not her taste. She was agonizing on whether or not to tell him, or whether it was OK to have it replaced.

You could always surprise her with a “gumball machine” ring and then tell her that you and she will be going out ring shopping the following weekend so that she can pick out the one that she really wants.

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