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Anyone use Final Cut Express 4?

Asked by speakerhead (253points) April 21st, 2008

I just want to see if it’s worth it for the price. I want to edit my movies, but I’d rather not be working with iMovie ‘08 anymore.

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Not sure about Final Cut Express, but iMovie ‘06 is better than iMovie ‘08 for serious editing as far as I’ve heard. If you have iMovie ‘08 but not ‘06, you can download ‘06 for free from

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Yeah iMovie 06 is better than 08 if you want more control that’s for sure. I used to do my editing in 06 but when I got my new system I tried out 08. That lasted for about a day and I found myself getting 06 from the link richardhenry posted. After a while I wanted to try doing more editing wise and so I bit the bullet and got FCE4 (after the first price drop). Its a bit of a learning curve but its so great once you learn it. Though, if you’re not ready to sit down and learn about it you may get frustrated – the interface is nothing like any of the iMovie apps and some of the controls are a bit less refined than you’d expect from an Apple product (a lot of the UI controls are really small and their animation keying is hard to manipulate).

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final cut in general is great for serious editing. imovie’s pretty much the equivalent to windows movie maker. I’d say give final cut a chance, it’s complicated at first but if u need to edit professionally, or are in a creative industry, it’s a must. Practice!

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