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Portal 1 or Portal 2?

Asked by DeanV (14216points) April 23rd, 2011

For those that have bought Portal 2, what did you think?

Better than Portal 1? Worse? How was the co-op?

Or this can just be a Portal 2 appreciation thread.

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Oh, also. For those that play on PC we have a Steam group for Flutherites.

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The cake is a lie!

Well, I just bought Portal 2 for the Playstation today, but am visiting my parents for Easter and can’t play it until I get back home :-( Also, when you buy the Playstation version, it includes a code to download the PC version free from Steam, but I’m hijacking a neighbor’s wifi network, and I don’t want to download it yet. I’ll let you know later….

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Does Portal 2 have a better song?

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I dug the first one, and my friend got the second one the day it came out and he completely swears by it as being a lot better. And the first one was fantastic…

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Oh my dog. I just finished Portal 2 and I’m still reeling from it. No-one ever told me the ending would be that good, nevermind the ENTIRE GAME.

The narrative, graphics, design, voice acting and humour: all astounding.

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@trickface Have you done the co-op yet?

I’ve already played through it twice. It’s really, really good.

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I’m going through the co-op slowly with my gf, she gets home in about 10 hours so we’ll probably make some progress with that later. I heard they have an ending for that too, please don’t spoil it. I’m going to keep with my estimation that it can not be anywhere as good as the single player ending, that way I can be either satisfied or waaaay impressed again! Heheheheheh. Oh Caroline.

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@trickface Spoiler Alert: Snape kills Dumbledore.

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@gmander – Song? No. I recently finished Portal 2. It’s a l-o-n-g game with many surprise plot twists. Portal 2’s ending song is so-so. But never mind the song. It’s a fantastic game and the ending is just…WOW! Portal 2 is a rare example where the sequel is better than the original!

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