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What would your pet be like if he/she were human?

Asked by Vunessuh (16712points) April 23rd, 2011

Your most beloved pet is now human and has successfully adapted from peeing in the bushes to peeing in a toilet, rest assured.

But I’d like to know, what is their personality like?
What are their flaws?
What are their qualities?
Do they have any fears/insecurities?
Do they have any goals/passions?

Take what you know of your pet and create a person, if you will.

For example, I have a Chihuahua/terrier. As a human, she would be sassy. Reaaally sassy. Major attitude problem. Troublemaker. As a young adult, she’d be fighting with bitches at the club. Perhaps land in jail a time or two. Oh, and the boys? Total heartbreaker.
But if she loves you, she has your back no matter what. Tender at heart. Very compassionate and empathetic toward the one’s she cares about. She can be a little over-protective and obnoxiously loud – if she doesn’t like you, you’ll know about it, but she’s very gentle and patient with children. As a career, I imagine her definitely doing something with children. She would make a great mother.
She would be a picky eater. Highly independent. Makes and plays by her own rules. Playful, energetic.

Anyway, you get the picture. Have fun with it. ☺

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I’m thinking if my little doggie were transformed into a human then he’d be very stubborn, obsessed with food, a messy eater, bit of a boozer and would often miss the toilet when peeing. There are times I’m sure my doggie would pee in the closet or corner during the, confused of course.

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My two fish look like Mrs.Paul and Mr. Gorton.Same personalities too.
Bill my cat would be like Charlton Heston.They share the same profile and he’s a member of the NRA.
Gremily….the other one… would be like Jessica Biel as she looks just like her and that is all one needs to get through life.
and Gracie the dog would be like Andy Dick.
That is all I’ll say about that. :)

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Our Birman cat would be vain, aloof, demanding and arrogant. She would only associate with other people when it was convenient for her.

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I’m almost certain my cat would be one of those overly-clingy people who just annoy the shit out of everybody because they’re such attention whores. But he’s an adorable little feline, so it totally works for him…

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My 13 year old Chinese gander ’ Marwyn’ would be the man about town, metro goose. lol

He is confident, bold, charming, intelligent and talkative.

He would be an avid collector of rocks and sticks, a competitive swimmer, and would most likely love geocaching.

He’s spend time in therapy for his fear of dogs, and other things that might wring his neck.

He would be a loyal and devoted mate and would spend countless hours preening himself to look as magnificent and seductive as possible.

He’d need special insoles to combat his lack of arches and flat footedness. lol

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A bit like my ex. German Shepherd, a bit psycho – a little too inbred and pure bred to be normal.

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Milo is already a combination of Maurice Chevalier and Fred Astaire, down to the black tie, top hat and tail. He’d need Dramamine for any kind of travel, excluding being pulled about the house on a small oriental rug. He’d be a picky eater and require his own chef (oh, wait. He already has one.)

He would volunteer to lead any safari that could be conducted on Gail’s twenty acreas. And his art work would have a high price at auction.

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Haha… Love it! ‘He’d need Dramamine for any travel’


Yep, gotta beware of that inbreeding thing. lol

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Not anymore – hence, ex.

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My female schnauzer would stalk my husband. She loves him and I suspect would be an insanely jealous woman if she were a human. Think Fatal Attraction.

My male schnauzer is very laid back and loves being cuddled. He does not understand the notion of delayed gratification and cries and whines when he needs cuddles. He is also an ‘attack’ kisser. When least expected he lurches and sort of nose buts your nose. I have dated men like that. It wasn’t pleasant.

My male red burmese is arrogant, contemptuous and thinks he rules the world. He would be a horrible human but luckily for him he has a beautiful furry coat and knows how to get people to do his bidding as a cat.

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@Coloma: A particularly apt thought after our monthly trip to the humane societ today for the nail clipping. In the four years that I have been taking him there, he has never NOT thrown up in the cage in the car. I can always tell… there is a plaintive meow in G#, then the heaving, then the smell.

I saw a lovely goose near our little village green yesterday. He looked like a clone of Marwyn

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<——Catgut and Max are human…

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South American female 20 years old, industrious and a good sense of humor. She is always the center of attention when she comes into the room without intending. Is comfortable with alone time and can be shy at first, but always livens up a party. She has a sweet and beautiful face and very pretty feet. Don’t tell her I said so but she is a little over her ideal weight (but well down from last year when the doctor said you know what). She can say the most surprising things but even the most mundane chit chat with her is charming. My wife says she would be a good one to pick to shred documents.

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My female tabby cat seems to have a personality like the stereotypical librarian. She’s very quite but demands respect. My male siamese cat would be like a powerful big business CEO. He is always bellowing out orders and he scolds me harshly is I don’t give him attention or feed him fast enough.

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Dang…that’s a LOT of cat food to maintain that hefty feline!

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Catgut likes dog-food, which is a lot cheaper

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She would know where to find and retrieve the can opener.

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