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Exam Preparation?

Asked by wildflower (11172points) April 22nd, 2008

Once done studying and all that, how do you prepare yourself for an exam?
I’m asking this because I have a written exam this evening, the day off from work and am going back and forth between wanting to put it all out of my mind to re-reading everything again…..(I’m only a little neurotic)

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First except that you are well prepared and expect to do well. Second relax do something that refreshes you. A little before the exam, gloss over your notes. Don’t reread everything this may be counter productive. The more relaxed you are the more your mind will be free to do its job. That is recalling all that information. Let us know how it goes.

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Thanks – and kinda following your advice…....I just coloured my hair :)

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For college exams, a lot of professors like to challenge the depth of you understanding (ugh, just give me my degree already, right? ;) ) by making the questions very tangential to the major focus areas of the class so you have to make connections between subject areas to answer them correctly or fully.

So how the heck do you prepare for that? Other than keeping up with the class and doing a reasonable overview, try to relax, don’t cram close to the time of the exam because you’ll push aside the part of your mind you’ll need to deal with the unexpected. And when the unexpected comes, don’t worry about the time or what you did or didn’t study- the best I did on an exam in college, I first thought, “he couldn’t possibly want us to do this to get to the solution”, but when I couldn’t think of any other way, i just did it and got an A. That was a technical subject, but you get a lot of curve balls on written exams too.

Good luck! And remember: “D” is for “Diploma”!

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Just wanted to follow up: went pretty decently. Apart from my hand and wrist hurting from the writing, I’m relatively pleased with the result. Was able to write about 6 pages worth for the 2 Q’s I picked and even added diagrams abd analogies. Thanks for the pep :)

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Thanks for the update, great job.

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