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What do you think about America being the leading nation?

Asked by kroxupside (6points) April 22nd, 2008

Other countries don’t consider us so.

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Think it’s because not everyone believes in this as the right way to go about things.

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I think we are!

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2 billion Chinese might argue China is the leading country.

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The “leading nation” in regards to what?! This is an awfully meaningless term.

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I think the US leads in the corporate world due to the success of some the brands that we all use daily.

On the other hand, I think much of the world cringes at the way the US conduct themselves as a nation.

I know personally, the US obsession with Christian values and God doesn’t lead the way here.

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this question really makes no sense and has too many argumental elements to even start.

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well America’s economy relies on oil from the middle east. Perhaps a country like Saudi arabia would be considered leading.

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