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What guy is "your type"?

Asked by Julietxx3 (712points) April 25th, 2011

I like big muscular guys who are funny and nice. They are usually tan, tall and confident in themselves. I just thought it would be fun for everyone to say what kind of guy they like, and guys you can share what you like in a girl too! Have fun!

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I like guys who are bookish and intelligent and are into things like Harry Potter, Star Trek, etc. Physically speaking, I like guys who are taller than me and kind of gangly. Oh, he needs to have a great sense of humor, too, and be willing to watch Dr. Who with me/teach me how to play D&D.

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Very specific! I am that way too I just didn’t want to write down too much in the information part. I hope you find the perfect guy! (If you haven’t already)

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Similar to @etignotasanimum
I tend to be attracted to guys who are really intelligent but kinda awkward (think Jesse Eisenberg).
Also, tasteful humour, a love of books and intelligent conversation helps.
Physically, I’m attracted to men who are very tall (6’0 and over), and broad shouldered with defined backs.

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@etignotasanimum I like the way you think when it comes to his looks! But when it comes to him I actually do not mind a guy who is not too intelligent! I don’t know why, maybe I like to feel needed? But I wouldn’t want a guy who is very dumb either. I usually go for football players. I hope you find the right guy! xoxo

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I am attracted to big muscular guys too :)
As for personality? I like smart,funny,strong willed,self reliant men with confidence and a quick wit.
Men that take themselves too seriously are a huge turnoff and one of the worst things for a man to be is whiny,indecisive,jealous,controlling with a truth deficit.

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@lucillelucillelucille We have a lot in common when it comes to guys! I kind of like guys who are semi controlling and can be protective when I’m am around other guys… It lets me know that he doesn’t want to lose me, and I love that!

Julietxx3's avatar only watch the first few seconds after 45 seconds. I find guys like this to be adorable. But he is a bit TOO stupid for me! ( : but he is so cute!

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@Julietxx3 I never did well with men that are controlling.I think a man can be protective without appearing so and allowing his interest room to breathe.

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That is very true… ( : I know this sounds bad but I always fall for the jerk. That needs to change! But something about them are attractive. Do you agree? Or is it just me?

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is* attractive ^

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@Julietxx3 Just a warning, the women I know who dwell on whating the the you describe don’t have good luck in relationships. I am sure there are muscular tan hunky guys out there who are good partners, but in my experience stats are working against you.

I like around 5’10”, dark hair, medium build, intelligent, responsible, honest, can keep up a conversation type a guy, and oh likes to dance is nice too.

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@JLeslie I know you are just trying to be helpful and I truly appreciate it, but I really want to keep this fun! I don’t want this to turn into “this is not realistic” etc.
Just keep it fun! Thanks ( :

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I like guys that aren’t all macho and are cool enough to have deep conversations with. Guys that only talk about sports annoy me. I’m not gay, either, I’m talking about friends to hang out with lol.

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ok (: you can write what type of girl you like if you want to!

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Modest, sensitive, shy guys, with a geeky, sweet, kind and polite side who hold a good conversation and have a good sense of humour. Generally like dark, thick, curly hair & big eyebrows too – and pointy noses. ;D

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Intelligent, funny, blue collar.

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@Julietxx3 -I disagree
I think men who are jerks are weak. That,I have no desire to be around.
There is so much that is better for you out there. :)

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I don’t want to be around them either but I am draw to them. They are usually very self confident and I like that… I don’t know sometimes I think I’m crazy! haha

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I like artists, musicians, and nerds and geeks.
You know, the sweet and funny ones that people tend to look over because they notice the flashy guy with the smile and stuff.
I also have a thing for guys with nice teeth, curly hair, pretty eyes, glasses and such. Like this guy. He’s so cute.

Besides! Everyone knows that geeks make the best boyfriends.

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I like guys who like to listen to what you say, and don’t particularly care that you may like something weird (comic books, geeky things, odd hobbies, etc). They have to be funny, have some things in common with me, and get along pretty well for me to like them. As far as looks go, I don’t care much as long as they aren’t ugly, and probably taller than me by at least 3–4 inches. I don’t know, I like tall guys :3

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When I was in my teens, it was the older guys who outgoing and friendly. I gravitated to non-jocks with wavy/curly hair and green or blue eyes.

In my 20’s, I came to the conclusion that appearance was still a factor, but it comes in many packages, including the color of one’s skin. Living in Washington, DC, after college where so many ethnic groups reside was a fabulous experience that will always be appreciated. I looked for nice men and those that had morals that I agreed with and focused on building a comfortable future.

In my 30’s, I learned that attraction has more to do with a partner’s personality than looks. Respect, trust, morals, financial responsibility and of course, love, crop up in the top ten. Someone who has a degree of intelligence and a certain wit caused an instant attraction.

In my 40’s, an aunt told me that I would probably never get married because I was holding out for someone like my father. At first, I took her message literally and focused on learning to take care of myself so that I could one day be the old lady living in a Victorian house with 15 cats and doted on the nieces and nephews. I became quite content with this.

And then one day, I met a curious man purely by accident on an internet site. It took about three weeks to realize that he was the only person I would be willing to commit to for a lifetime. In no way do I feel that I have ever lowered my standards. If anything, the bar was continually raised and am thankful every day for sticking to it.

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@Pied_Pfeffer GA and interesting. My type has been fairly static over tme.

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I like my men like my coffee: Large, black and strong.

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My type is somewhat between Pauly D and I an Somerhalder.
He has to be taller than me, funny and good looking, he also has to have great hygiene because that is very important to me.
umm… muscular, but not too muscular like Ronnie. He has to have some tan to him… not that I have anything against pale people ;) So yeah tan and preferably latino or something or dark chocolate :*

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Italian guys. With their dark curly hair and their tanned glossy skin and their beautiful eyes and their wonderful voices and their muscular bodies and their ooooooooooooooooooooh

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You also like men who are old and toothless. Admit it.

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@seazen_ okay playboy. I admit it. But only if they’re called goofball.

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That’s Sir Goofball to you. Meet me in chat for a whipping.

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personality is the main thing, taller then me helps (: and looks are just a bonus ;)

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Can’t say, really. I know it when I meet him/see him.

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I like guys who are smart and funny and are pretty self confident, but not controlling. For looks, they should be somewhat taller than me (that’s not hard, I’m only five feet tall and done growing) and have brown hair.

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about 5’7”, witty, intelligent, funny, dark, wavy hair, around my age (bit younger), kind, chivalrous, mischievous, quirky, nice smile, light hazel eyes…

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or Spanish, I’m not sure…and I have never heard him sing, sigh, but I always imagine that he could…

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I’m generally straight, but.. James Dean…

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For physical: I like a guy that is taller than me (I’m 5’8”), a medium build, nice eyes, and a nice smile. I go for the indie look.

Personality wise, I like a very intelligent man who is ambitious, romantic, sweet, hard-working, and likes a few of the same things as I do.

But I hardly ever date someone that’s actually fitting of that description. That’s just what I think is attractive.

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Like Chuck, from Chuck: Funny, nerdy, sweet, smart, Jewish, and enough of a slacker that we can relate to each other.

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@yankeetooter You need a guy who’s “only” about 5’7”, witty, intelligent, funny, dark, wavy hair, around my age (bit younger), kind, chivalrous, mischievous, quirky, nice smile, light hazel eyes… and Spanish?

There are so many to choose from…

Sadly, most of those who fit the bill completely are 5’6 and ¼ inches.

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Lol! @seazen_…I was referring to a specific person I already had in mind…:)

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@yankeetooter You almost described my husband, but he is taller, and not Spanish, but maybe you are using Spanish instead of Hispanic, he is Hispanic? If it weren’t for the height I would have to hunt you down.

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@JLeslie I’m not totally sure about his background….he looks like he could be Italian or of Hispanic descent, and his last name could be either. His height is correct though, so please, no hunting down, lol! He’s about my height, which I love, because standng next to him I can look directly into his eyes when talking to him…

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Wow! all these guys sound great! @nailpolishfanatic I really like your guy, but I like guys who are as big as ronni too! And yes they must be tan and taller than me!
@seazen_ I really like your guy too! Tall, black and strong! Amen! Good luck everyone!

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