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What were the top 3 songs from your high school class?

Asked by Aethelwine (42940points) April 25th, 2011

Did you have a list of favorites listed in your yearbook?

You can choose top 3 of the top 40 of that year if you’d like, or the songs that were popular with your peers.

I graduated in 89, but the year that stands out for me was my sophomore year. Our top 3 songs in 87 were:

Fight For Your Right To Party- Beastie Boys
Livin’ On A Prayer- Bon Jovi
Brass Monkey- Beastie Boys

(the new Beastie Boys music inspired this question. good memories for me)

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hmmm, I always thought I was older than you

I just looked at the top songs of 1993, and recall many of them. However the ones I recall from MTV mostly sucked. So I’m listing the ones I still like from that list:

Insane in the brain Cypress Hill
Check yo self Ice Cube feat. DAS EFX
It was a good day Ice Cube

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Very cruel to only allow three as 1978 was an amazing time for music…

Baker Street – Gerry Rafferty with that signature Sax solo
Fat Bottomed Girls – Queen
Runnin’ With the Devil – Van Halen and Diamond Dave

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@cockswain Yeah, I get that all the time. You’re not that much younger than me though. ;)

@Cruiser I could list many more too.

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no, but I had the mistaken impression I was roughly the same number of years older than you that you are than me

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1979: Lonesome Loser, Little River Band
The Devil Went Down To Georgia, Charlie Daniels Band
What a Fool Believes, Doobie Brothers

Our class song was Born to Be Wild, Steppenwolf

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British Knights! My nigga!

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lol, you two. I needed the giggle!

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From 1965:

Satisfaction by the Stones
Gloria by Them
Unchained Melody by Bobby Hatfield.

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According to the 1981 yearbook, they were:
#1: Keep On Loving You by REO Speedwagon
#2: Another One Bites the Dust by Queen
#3: Celebration by Kool & The Gang

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Also 1989:

Our senior class prom song was I’ve had the time of my life from Dirty Dancing

Other favorites were Love Shack by the B52s and She Drives Me Crazy by the Fine Young Canibals

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Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin
Color My World by Chicago
You’ve Said It All Budweiser commercial jingle. We marched in and out of graduation to this song. The marching band played it at least once at every game.

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I Heard It Through The Grapevine – Marvin Gaye
Cowboys to Girls – Intruders
Dance to the Music – Sly & the Family Stone

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Yikes- I remember hearing those tunes just before I was forced into the US Navy. ;-0

Do you remember Aretha’s version of “I Say a Little Prayer”, from the same year?

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Thanks everyone for answering. =)

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Yes @Brian1946, you and I go waayy back.:-)

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I graduated in 1994.
Metallica-Enter Sandman. They played this song before almost every assembly for some reason, it was like our school theme song.
Meat Loaf-I Would Do Anything for Love
Proclaimers-I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)

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