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Why is my bill reading so low after it was so high?

Asked by naresh28 (267points) April 27th, 2011

I just saw that my last two bill which seems significantly low, did not have “ENERGY NEXT” charge on it. Could it be a mistake or could it be that because my other bills were so high, they thought they were overcharging me, and deducted?

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What bills are you talking about?

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electric bill

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Do you have electric heat?

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It could be that since it is warming up you are using less electricity to heat your home if,as @WestRiverrat asked, you have electric heat.

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i have an electrical heater to heat water.

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Could your prior bills be based on estimated readings, and your latest bill be based on an actual reading? Or now that it’s between summer and winter, you’re not using either heat nor A/C.

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Easiest way to find out for sure would be to call the company and ask for an explanation.

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I had a similar situation happen to me what was happening was that when they were overcharging me it usually meant they didn’t actually come out to read the meter and then what ended up happening is I got a bill with a credit on it because they came out and read the meter and I over paid more that than what was acutally used. I would call the company they should be able to exlplain but more than likely it would be either this situation or the reverse and they under charge you when they estimate them.

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