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Would you like an Adobe OS?

Asked by Melonking (1221points) April 29th, 2011

If your anything like me you will know that feeling of using the adobe installers and software, with there clean sharp, grey, smooth, interface and you just think to yourself, yes this is how it should be.

Soon enough you have to quit though, and your dumped back into your crapy Mac, Windows or iOS interface, and you just feel sick.

Now what if they made an OS, problem solved.

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There’s a lot more to OS development than user interface.
I don’t like Adobe’s software particularly, but even if I did I don’t think I would want to use an OS developed by them. Compatibility issues and bloatware are pretty common issues with Adobe software; they are bad but acceptable in end-user software, but much more problematic in an OS.

As far as interfaces go, I use Linux so I have my choice among a great many. I use GNOME and put up with it. Sometimes I use KDE which is much prettier but also somewhat annoying. If the interface was a huge hairy deal for me I would spend some time and shop around, looking for a favorite, and probably settle on fluxbox (ick.)

I have to say though, that if the Mac interface isn’t nice enough for someone then I don’t know that any of the Linux DE’s would be satisfactory either.

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Adobe may make pretty fonts, installers and perhaps even user-interfaces…but I find their software to be intrusive (I hate that Adobe Reader Update wants to update every friggin’ week) and in almost all cases a terrible memory hog. They have a LONG history of it. They write bloated, non-performance tuned software..because they CAN.

Personally I like my OS to be performance focused – not eating up my CPU with OS update processes (yes, YOU godforsaken piece of crap) and highly customizable.

So, I’m a big Linux and Apple OS fan. I don’t imagine I’d like an Adobe OS. I think it would be slower than molasses.

I’m forced to run Windows for work (and grateful we are on XP…I can’t stand Windows7)...but I’m an old Unix geek and would be just as happy spending my day in a Solaris or HP..

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No. Adobe make pretty-looking crap that doesn’t work in any other way than that which they explicitly want it to.

An Adobe OS would suck big hairy corporate balls.

@koanhead What’s not to love about GNOME?

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I have to agree with @koanhead that Adobe is notorious for bloat, and that right there is a big no-no for me. The lack of features that i find useful compared to the competition also works against them.

There are reasons I use Foxit Reader and ezPDF Reader instead of the Windows and Android versions of Adobe Reader. The fact that Adobe Reader (Android) cannot handle the large PDFs I have without crashing while ezPDF doesn’t even care is one. The better interfaces are another. Honestly, the only thing Adobe really has to offer me is the fact that many of the sites I go to require Flash Player, thus making Adobe a necessary evil.

@the100thmonkey If you knew @koanhead as well as I do, you would know how silly a question that is. Suffice it to say that he is a bit fussy about his OSs and UIs.

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I base my judgment of a UI on whether or not my kids like it. They like GNOME; they’re not so keen on KDE. They hate Unity.

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@the100thmonkey Many people hate Unity :p
I lean a bit towards KDE myself.

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What’s not to love about GNOME? Honestly, not very much. I “put up” with it because as far as I can tell it’s the best of an imperfect lot.
I don’t like that drag-and-drop does not work consistently between applications, and I don’t like that I can’t arbitrarily re-order things on my panels. No other DE offers these things either afaik, but they are still things “not to love”, right?
Against that, I do love GVFS, GStreamer, and arbitrary hotkey bindings.

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