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What did you or would you ask at a college visit?

Asked by Thesilvertiger (264points) April 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

I’m going tomarrow

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where’s the dictionary?

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Try not to ask questions that are clearly answered in the catalog or webpage as a start.
Don’t sit on the edge of your seat or fold your hands over chest..try to look relaxed but alert.. Try to speak clearly and concisely and leave out the “cool,” awesome,”“etc.”

The info gathered or given at an interview is usually less important than the impression you make. Talk about what you might contribute to that college’s community…the interviewer might throw you a confrontational question; viz; if you could be one historical person, whom would you choose?” Or “whom do you admire?” These are simply samples. If you get asked something that makes you feel like you are being put on the spot, tell the interviewer that he/she has caught you off guard and you need some time to think. Ask him if you can send him an answer.

Just some thoughts from someone who has sat on the other side of the desk- and sent 4 kids to good colleges. Most interviewers will help you get started.

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Loser is suggesting that you learn how to spell *tomorrow.

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How successful are your students at finding jobs or gaining admission to graduate school after graduation? Are you courses taught by professor by TAs? How large are the courses? Do you have an accessible study abroad program?

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Good questions, but make sure you see what the catalog says; for example, it will describe the study-abroad programs,so you should refine your questions.

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When you are done with the official visit, try snooping around the campus. Most colleges will show you only the good stuff. For example when my brother visited drexel, they only took him to the classes that were like 25 people and the official campus tour only included all the clean perfect looking places. Then when he went to stay over with a friend, he realized that most of the classes are actually quiet big and the campus has a lot of “not so nice” things.

Also ask about what they think about something you intend to major in.(sometimes if they dont know what you are majoring in, they’ll ridicule a major -for example when i personally visited MIT and asked about combing art with computers, they thought it was a “stupid idea and for hippies only”. Thats the reason i rejected MIT for UMass). Try asking questions that cannot be answered on google. Also ask about the social scene.

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agh any hot chicks?..then smile

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@elman; that question will surely put Thesilvertiger on the A list. Amissions officers, are perforce, exhausted and overwhelmed. Unoriginal and Smart Alec remarks don’t tickle their funny bones (or mine, for that matter) ...however, home-made chocolate chip cookies might.

@MIrza; wonderful suggestions.( Is your bro going to Drexel?)

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Good suggestions here. + I thought gailcalled was being a bit offensive there for a moment, until I realised they actually were called ‘loser’ :)

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@Richard: Sorry, I didn’t notice either.

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