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Is there a specific name for those beds that they put on the beach? (pic inside)

Asked by stemnyjones (3974points) April 30th, 2011

Trying to do an image search for these type of beds, but I don’t know what they’re called, and “bed on beach” and “sun beds” aren’t pulling up anything I can use.

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Picture is only half loading. Try googling. Pool furniture, chaise lounge. Or…patio furniture chaises

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They are a type of Cabana see search

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creative1 is right.

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Is this a west coast thing? I’ve never seen anything like that on a beach on the east coast.

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I’ve never seen anything like that anywhere. What are you up to, @stemnyjones?

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@Jeruba :: I was in Mazatlan for spring break back in the 90s and our hotel had one for each room. I’m pretty sure they were only there so you could say you had sex on the beach without getting sand in your private bits.

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@Jeruba LOL, I’ve never seen one in person either, I just knew that they existed and I was making a photo manipulation and wanted to use one in it.

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