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Women of fluther, what would you think about this?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7436points) April 3rd, 2009

I was recently looking around for a new bed frame, and came across this. I just now thought it would be awesome to have some storage compartments underneath my bed, even if they were small. Maybe a bit smaller than the one I linked.

Or if it were large enough, I could even fit my mini fridge inside it. Maybe add some wiring into it, so I can plug in devices like my laptop, cell phone, alarm clock, etc. So the Bed would be elevated maybe 3 feet above the floor.

Would this be a turn off in any way? Would you see this as a childish thing? I’m 24 years old, but I just thought this was a cool idea. My friend told me his girl friends told him it was a terrible idea, but he never told me why they thought that.

My bed isn’t a Twin size bed by the way, it’s a Full size mattress, so it sleeps my girlfriend and myself easily. I’m referring to the storage compartments being an issue, not the size of the bed.

So, what’s your opinion?

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It looks like a child’s changing table, yours would look like an adult sized changing table- in my opinion. I’d pass.

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I love the captains beds, with their built in drawers, but a bed that high wouldn’t be very practical for me.

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Though I’m not a woman, it still looks like a kid’s thing. Women (that I know) want to feel pampered and relaxed in the bedroom. All that stuff, especially the laptop, would be too much, and you would get little.

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I kinda agree with Vzzbzz. Having shelving near your bed is one thing, but your laptop and fridge? Ladies like the bedroom to be a place for sleeping, relaxing, and sex- not work. Fridges belong in a kitchen or a dorm room, not attached to an adult man’s bed.

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i like bigger beds, that one is too small. i wouldnt mind the height or anything else.

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what about this one

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@RandomMrdan That second one is lovely. :) The drawers close, so you can hide your lap top and stuff. But please, no mini-fridge!

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@Likeradar I think I’ll just keep the fridge under my desk =)

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The second choice is much better than the first choice! I would leave the mini-fridge out of the picture, though. Great storage space and a place to put the laptop.

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@RandomMrdan: Your second choice is much much better, kind of sexy; in my opinion.

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Ok, this is much more pricey… but this would work for me. Mahogany stain is a little more ‘manly’, but white is good, too.

Edited to add: And here is the wired headboard for it!

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Although the bed in the Craigslist posting looks rather juvenile, it would certainly be possible to put a more sophisticated spin on the general concept. Dressed up right and in the right setting, it could be pretty cool. It would take a special touch with eye for design and room dressing to pull it off though.

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Skip the fridge. We had a custom house build with a fridge and icemaker in the master bedroom. That fridge was so noisey! It was an expensive one too!

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I’m cracking up at the giant changing table hahahah.
I mean, I don’t know what I’d think. I’ve slept with a man that had a bunk bed, but below it was his desk. I wasn’t expecting much from a college student though lol.
The second link is good.

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I had a Captain’s bed when I was a kid. They were fun and awesome. Get one for your kid when you have one.

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The second choice is really nice looking, and looks like an adult bed. The overall shape is attractive. Does the wood match your dresser and other furniture in the room?

Having drawers underneath are really handy for storing off season clothes. Resist to temptation to store shoes in the drawers; you will smell tennis shoes while in bed.

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Question about the first one : How often do either of you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night?

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I normally don’t wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. Unless I was out drinking with friends that night.

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We recently bought waterbed under drawers for our mattress and box spring, and they work well as underbed storage. Cheap too, only cost about $300. Not as snazzy as some of the ones linked to here, but definitely better than that giant changing table at Craigslist. That thing was fugly.

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Bedrooms are for sleeping and sex.
No tv, no laptops, no fridges and no changing tables. But storage under the bed is practical and good, as long as you find a goodlooking bed. You spend 1/3 of your life in bed, so it’s worth a few bucks to fine one that suits you.

Think sexy! And ask you girlfriend what she wants, that should give you some pointers.

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It’s very “dorm room.” If I were college age, it would be perfectly acceptable, and maybe also fine if you lived in some tiny studio apartment or something. It depends on the demographic (beyond “female”) that you might want to have share your bed. If she’s not interested in college guys, it could be a minus.

(I would say the same thing about milkcrate-based furniture.)

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You can build, or get a carpenter to build something to better specs, with pretty wood, and not needing supp. oxygen to ascend.

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I live in NYC, so I understand any need for additional storage. My bed is lofted about 3 and a half feet off the ground, and I have storage drawers under it (though they aren’t built in), and I’ve had no trouble having sex here. In fact, I was with a guy who is out of school who specifically wanted to come to my dorm room. Actually, he was pretty weird in general, tbqh. So all in all, I wouldn’t find it to be bad (the second one you posted was definitely better, though), as long as I would be able to comfortably fit in the bed with my S.O. to sleep.

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the second one is nice. the first one is ridiculous…. what does the gf say?

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I would say, It’s a good thing you have those big drawers ‘cause there’s definitely no monsters under there…

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I love a captain’s bed. They are great for storing stuff if you don’t have a big bedroom. If you do have a big room, they are great for seasonal clothes, etc. Consider a queen size if you have room with a nice headboard. I have wanted one for years but the king size set up is big $$$

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@RandomMrdan (I normally don’t wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. Unless I was out drinking with friends that night.) Wait 40 years you will.

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