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What you usually do in your summer vacactions?

Asked by LukeFonFabre (212points) April 30th, 2011

My grandma owns a small cabin in the northwest of Minnesota, my family and me always go to there for every weekends in summer.
There are so much stuffs to do like tubing, water skiing, and bonfire. I practically live there.

So what you usually do in your summer vacations?

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The beach!

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I work so I have food and beer money.

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beach, bike, beach, travel, beach, hike, beach.

I also go to the beach.

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I don’t usually do a vacation in the summer because it’s my busy work time. We do a staycation somewhere here in the area during the slow time.

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For the past 30 years, the parents have rented a house on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, for a week every summer. We pitch a cabana on the beach each morning and camp out under it reading, napping, and chatting. Then there is playing in the ocean, building sandcastles, kite-flying, and games of bocce and paddle ball. We’ve rented a kayak a couple of times in order to go out and get closer to the dolphins.

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I usually am at the lake on the weekends my mother lives on a lake so its really nice to be able to hang out there, go tubing, boating, go for a bike ride then right afterwards jump into the lake to cool off.

But if I plan to go away I go to the ocean love the sand and surf, here the beaches also have little playgrounds with slides and swings on them so my girls can choose what they want to do, play in the sand, swim in the ocean or play on the swings and slides. Makes for a wonderful vacation. This year I am taking my oldest for her first camping trip in a tent where the campground is right near the beach we go to so it should be a great experience for all!!!!

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We often go to the lake with my parents. Canoeing, kayaking, sailing, hiking, swimming, reading, jumping off the big rock. Peppermint stick ice cream. Making dinner in the weird kitchen. Sticky days and night and cool days and night. The mountain slide. The train up Mt. Washington. My wife getting sullen because she doesn’t like my parents. It’s all good.

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As a child then each summer break of 3 months was spent out of state, living with my grandparents. Since 16yrs old though, I haven’t had a summer break. It’s the stuff of fond memories though because there would be traveling to visit other relatives, learning to sew, cook, dress, shoot, drive, dance, fish and discover forbidden snack foods.

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Sit back and turn on the television.
press the button which belong XBOX 360 to turn on.
Grab the controller and play (background sounds)

That my summer vacation! ;)

FYI i do have a life: working landscaping, ATV, hiking, fishing, and enjoying the view of Lake Superior (i live by this lake :D)

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I’m with the at the beach crowd too. I live very close to the shore and that is where we would and do spend our vacations. Though sometimes a special, exotic summer vacation might find it’s way in there too.

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Vacation is too much damn work and stress. Late night TV for me while I spill ravioli sauce down my chest, thanks. Pathetic, but true.

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I’m envious @LukeFonFabre. We spent many summers in northern Wisconsin for a week at a time in a cabin we rented. Sometimes we would venture on up to Lake Superior. We haven’t gone for two years now though. Can’t afford it. Luckily we have a campground and lake just 1½ miles down the road from us, but we don’t have any walleye or loons. :(

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@jonsblond Woot! im totally understand how you been felt about lake superior! i live other side of Lake Superior in Minnesota. Great Lakes rules!

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@MasterAir16 We visited Porcupine Mountain State Park in the UP of Michigan and I fell in love with Lake Superior. I would move there if we could find work. I would love to visit your neck of the woods. =)

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I haven’t had one in years…but I love renting a cabin in Wisconsin, then boat, ski, fish, tubing, float on a raft, bonfires and star gazing at night.

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@Symbeline That sounds like me on an average weeknight.

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Beam up to my starship and to tooling around the galaxy…

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As a kid I went to live for 3 months with my grandparents out of state. Once I turned 16 though, I worked while finishing school, was paying bills and haven’t had a “Summer Vacation” since. It would be fabulous to be able to have even 1 month off and the money to go somewhere during that time.

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I think I said the beach but just in case, the beach.
Sitting in the low tide sipping iced coffee on the beach in Maine right now!

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Beach, sometimes visit the Outer Banks, celebrate my birthday, go to the mountains, swim, read, watch TV and movies, write, mess around on the Web, hang out with my sister and brother-in-law, go to the drive-in theater, hang out with friends, shoot my family with a watergun, play video games, and decorate my sister’s church for Vacation Bible School. This summer I’m getting ready to go to college and preparing for dorm life.

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