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Are you having a holiday this year?

Asked by Stinley (11486points) June 25th, 2015

Where are you going? Who with? What will you be doing? Tell me all. If you are not having a holiday as such, how will you be enjoying the summer?

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I’m on it. In St Alban’s this week and off to Paris tomorrow.

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Nope. I never vacation in the summer as I dislike the weather quite a bit. We usually go on holiday in autumn or winter.

Sort of the opposite of most other folks.

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Bon voyage @janbb. Why St Albans? (Not a question that needs to be asked about Paris)

@cookieman I hear you – the choc chip cookies might melt

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My daughter is having a baby in the next month, so my wife and I are taking her 9 year old son to Disneyland in August to remind him that he is important too.

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Husband is taking a week off and we’re making all kinds of day trips throughout the State. My daughter is especially excited about Holiday World yeehaw!

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In going to America in a couple of months. Starting and finishing in Vegas and wherever we please in the two weeks between! Me and my boyfriend… ROAD TRIP!!!

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@Stinley: No one likes melty chips.

@filmfann: You are an excellent grandpa.

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