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What's your account?

Asked by Breefield (2733points) April 22nd, 2008

Lets get a fluther music stream going :p

To start off, mine is here

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I just made a group.
That should help.

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Join Breefield’s group:

You know you want to.

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I did=) just made a acc an hour ago.

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Is it just me? Did stop listing the number of tracks you have listened to?

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Also can anyone tell me why is not scrobbling tracks from my ipod when i connect it.

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Mirza.. I found this which might explain some problems with Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

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@johnpowell: i have had the ipod scrobbling error for over two months now. So i doubt it it has anything to do with their current outage. Thanks anyways though

iceblu's avatar **Real one, the other one I just remembered i stopped using because i remembered the password to this one. ** =X

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@iceblu – I just did the same thing :p

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@Breefield great minds think alike =D

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A bit late to it, but this is mine.

Looking at it makes me realize I’ve been listening to a lot of odd music lately.

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I’m listening to our station. Nice!

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Yay Fluther. :)

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