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Recording audio over the web?

Asked by tadpole (709points) February 15th, 2010

i have a mac..i don’t have garageband…i want to record audio from the web…what tools should i try using?

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You can use Firefox and the addon “Freecorder”.

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Audio Hijack Pro (thanks to jp)

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Audio Hijack Pro is the best software for recording any audio on a Mac.

edit :: what kevbo said.

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And if you want a totally free way to do this you can use Audacity and Soundflower. The only problem is you cant hear what you are recording while you are recording it.

I made a screencast of how to set it up. <—- Warning Audio. And the audio on the vid if a bit off.

But I would just go with Audio Hijack Pro.

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thanks to all for the above…. :-)

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