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Is Osama Bin Laden really killed?

Asked by MasterAir16 (261points) May 1st, 2011

Today on the news: Osama bin Laden is dead.

Was he killed by US forces as they claim
Its end for terrorism? Or it is just begining a new chapter of Terrorism?

I am asking you this question because I’m been wondering if the government could fake it. We know in the past that Bin Laden had doubles, could this have been another

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You know what? I retract my previous answer “As a doornail.” I honestly don’t know.

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Looks like it!

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It’s true.

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Can we leave Afghanistan now?

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I wish! : ((

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This does seem more credible than the last few “Bin Laden is dead” stories…

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It looks like it’s true and they are even saying we have his body and DNA confirmation that it is him. It won’t end terrorism though and it won’t be enough to bring our troops home (unfortunately).

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Yes, he is actually dead. He was indeed killed by us I am sad to say. Now we wait for their surge. Their is going to be a lot of blood spilled soon. We killed what many thought was a snake not realizing that it is indeed a hydra

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I wish they could have gotten him alive, it would have meant more. Now the troops will really have to be cocked, locked and ready to rock 24/7 for real.

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He is I’m watching the president talk about it right now!

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Smart of Obama to thank Pakistan for their cooperation in his speech.

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My professional opinion is that the soldiers who found him had orders to not take him alive. Any trial would have been a circus.

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@CaptainHarley; the President said that the order was to capture or kill.

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It would be kind of a pity if he’s dead. I always wanted to hear from him his side of the story.

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What possible reason would there be to fake it? He would just come out with a video. Seriously, the 9/11 truther conspiracy theories were bad enough already.

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I still have questions about everything that going on.
Again, this is the Media, the goverment, and the USA special operations that are running the show right now. I believe that we “as the people” jumping to far into believing that such action is true. There so many benefits for the Media, Goverment, and the forces to say quite thing.

I do wish, to see this is true dead or alive. We should just slow down and wait for the actual body, instead of acting stupid and believing that this action has credibly just because the President said so. The president didn’t really mention much about Bin Laden, because he still is clueless and maybe even wondering if it true, so should we.

I do however, have a feeling of that a double could be killed as well. DNA can be mixed up as we seen it happen with Crime Trails in the past. Even thou it unlikely to be true. As that being said, the al-queda is still operation, maybe even planning a full-scale counterattack. It also possible that Laden was just a face for the Camera and he not that actual planner.

Overall, I don’t think it fake, but not true. I still will be please with more exactual presicion that he actually dead.

(p.s) I thought how Obama walk to talk on the microphone was GANSTA.

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@Trojans40, you don’t have any reasons to doubt this announcement. Your entire rationale is simply “if the mainstream media says something, I’ll believe the opposite.”

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I do believe that he is dead. Right now, I am actually debating a conspiracy theorist that does not thing he is dead and it’s exhausting.

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@Qinqu Because I heard that eggs from Iowa is recalled… all the eggs from Iowa is bad and unhealthly to eat. It will give you cancer. Would you say that exact same thing because someone said so.
If the media told you that jumping off a 75 foot bridge will lower your health insurance, would you belive that?
I am not a conspiracy theorist, just I have questions about this. I don’t want to be wrong when it about death to a leader that itself a mass murder.

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Thank you for the heads up… I was able to catch the President’s speech on the news. It seems highly doubtful that that there is a chance that it wasn’t Osama Bin Laden who was assassinated. This is a huge deal to the the US citizens, and President Obama isn’t going to risk announcing such an action without knowing it to be fact. From what has been reported, this was a strategic maneuver that was plotted out more than a week ago and based upon information that has been gathered for a much longer period.

As for what the repercussions might lead to, that is a valid question on the minds of many here in the US. There was an announcement that security will be heightened even more. And this makes me wonder if this is the explanation for the “civil” warning that was flashing across the television screen late last night and earlier today.

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Obama made sure that they took his body, so no one could doubt the veracity of his death. He has been hiding in the same place for six years—Obama made good on his promise to get him.

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Hope they dump pig entrails on his body,

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This isn’t the end of anything, but it might be the beginning of the end. Cut off the head and maybe the body withers away without coordination…

There will probably an increase in combat. The real question is: for how long.

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The jokes will begin soon… very soon… oh, nevermind. It already happened. First joke I heard- Bin Laden’s been dead for 2 years, the government just kept him on ice long enough for it to affect the election year.

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How long before Donald Trump demands Obama show us Bin Laden’s death certificate?

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Yup, just in time for the Obama’s re-election campaign…

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This is how Fox News reported the story. They seem a little confused.

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I am a little concerned that this question was asked after the one about the oncoming Zombie apocalypse.

News reports he took 2 in the head, and the FBI has already verified his DNA.
We can still lose the war on terrorism, but killing ObL was required to win.

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@AstroChuck ROWLOL, Or takes credit for it.
Do I believe it. Yes.
Do I believe he was shot in the head. No. Killed beyond recognition. Yes. :D

Seal teams are very well trained. They would’ve made certain it was him before claiming it was him.

Will it change terrorism. No. They are like roaches. But at least they know they are not invinsable or untouchable as many believed Osama was and that we have a big can of raid, ready and waiting.
Will there be reprisal for it. No doubt, but we where always on their shit list so who cares.

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@flutherother, I stopped believing Fox did that stuff by accident long ago. At this point they’re just deliberately trying to piss off liberals watching their station.

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@flutherother What a bag of dicks.

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@linguaphile Another joke. 10 years of hide and seek…Champion of all Hide and Seeks.

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Doesn’t anyone else think tossing him into the ocean is a bit… fishy?

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@linguaphile Not at all. Figured they may want to feed him to the fishes. ;)

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Yes, he’s really, most sincerely dead.

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My joke isn’t working… sigh :D

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seen on Slashdot : Elton John is already recording a tribute – “Sandals in the Bin”

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I would trust what Bin Laden told me before I would trust what my own President told me! : ((

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I believe that he is dead, but I don’t know that I believe it just happened yesterday.

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Wow you guys are so edgy and cool, mistrusting the government and all. Way to show you aren’t one of the sheeple!

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It’s not the government I mistrust, it’s the people running it.

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Another funnie:
Joy to the world
All the boys and girls now
Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea
Joy to you and me!

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I guess we;ll have to wait for him to produce his long form death certificate. There’s something very strange about it. He’s spent over $2 million on lawyers just this weekend trying to avoid releasing it. Why can’t the guy just produce it and end the controversy?

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My new favorite (from Letterman Top 10 list)

I need a house full of Navy SEALs like I need a hole in the head.

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Why does the OP have a Boeing avatar?

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He loves planes- really, really REALLY loves planes. Some things really are exactly what they seem :D

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He sleeps with da’ fishes..yes.

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