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How do I determine the age of a dog?

Asked by rostis (10points) May 2nd, 2011

I need to determine the age of my Chihuahua that we adopted.

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Your vet can approximate the dog’s age based on its teeth.

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Usually a vet is pretty good at estimating the age of a dog, ask your vet the next time you take him for a check up.

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Have your local vet examine the dog.

Or you could always cut it in half and count the rings…

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An experienced vet or vet tech can make a guess, but there’s no guarantee. Overall condition, appearance of the teeth, and any lenticular opacity (normal clouding of the eyes due to age) or cataract development will all give clues.

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Cut off his leg and count the rings.

Just kidding, there is no definitive method but an experienced dog person can get a good idea from looking at teeth, eyes and distribution of body weight.

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@roooeytoo, made me chuckle…or MMC, I guess.

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