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Now that Bin Laden's been dealt with we can turn our full attention to...

Asked by blueiiznh (16678points) May 2nd, 2011

Now that Bin Laden’s been dealt with we can turn our full attention to hunting down who????

The maniac who invented Passion Fruit Iced Tea?

The choice is yours…..

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Stephen Hawking’s gymnastics coach! I mean, how much hell can he put that man through? Give a guy a break.

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Who or what created Donald Trump’s hair.

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Getting rid of Justin Bieber.

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Getting our hands on Obama’s birth certificate!

Oh wait…

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All the other radicals that are going to take his place!!!

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Muammar Gaddafi and Charlie Sheen!

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Everyone in this book YRITE

Response moderated (Flame-Bait)
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To Me! You can send your donations to me directly. www.
I want my own compound and mansion.

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Getting his death certificate!~

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@Symbeline Good one :) Hey! No picking on mike.

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Finding and publicly slapping the producer who used Auto Tune on Believe in 1998.

Obviously, whoever it is is a monster and must be punished.

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#2! Passion fruit is one of the best tasting fruits on earth!

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@Vunessuh Yeah man, fuck that Waldo bitch. And his dumbass girlfriend, too. DEEEATH!

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@Symbeline You forgot the horse he rode in on.

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I don’t think Waldo had a horse…he may have tried to get one, but even the horse was all like, yeah man, fuck you, Waldo. XD

ProTip; in the French books, they changed his name to Charlie.

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Donald Trump Birth Certificate. He probably has so much money spent on to protect that document.

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