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How do I help my injured cat?

Asked by Soccer129 (64points) May 4th, 2011

My cat was hit on the road and I am not allowed to take it to the vet since we live in the country and this happens often. He seems fine except for he is breathing heavy and his mouth is open with his tongue slightly out. How can I help him?

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I’m sorry, but I’m not understanding. The vet will refuse to see the cat or someone else is preventing you from taking the cat to the vet?

At any rate, see if you can give it some water…when cats stick their tongues out like that they are usually thirsty…

Did you see the cat get hit? It could just be stunned, but it may very well have internal injuries too…

I’m sorry, but the cat needs to go to the vet if at all possible…best wishes for you and your feline!

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No, my parents won’t take it. He drank some milk but won’t take any water.

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Please, PLEASE, get your parents or someone to take your kitty to the vet.
He could have all sorts of internal injuries, a collapsed lung, ruptured spleen and countless other CRITICAL injuries!

It is inhumane to let him suffer!

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If your parents will not take the cat to the vet, call your local animal control and turn the cat over to them. They may euthanize it, but that is better than suffering with no care.

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Oy vey I don’t understand parents like this That cat needs medical attention. Can you call a vet on the sly and ask the veterinarian to come and pick the cat up?

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Cats will often stick their tongue out when they have an upset stomach. Paired with labored breathing, I would definitely be concerned that you cat has internal damage to the abdomen and possibly the lungs. In short, there isn’t anything that you can do. Your cat needs professional attention, there’s no nicer way to say it. Sorry.

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Good idea, @tranquilsea…be prepared to deal with parental wrath though…

Could you pay the vet from your own money? Maybe that would ease the strife…

The cat needs to go to the vet…

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@yankeetooter If it was me I would just lie like a sidewalk and tell my parents the cat ran away.

Edit: some vet should take pity on this cat and this child and do the right thing.

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Where do you live that does that? Ive never heard of this, find a vet that is in fact interested in clientele and making an income, sounds like your going on the word of one vet that is washed up or has so many people from town coming in he/she cant fit you into there schedule; need to do something fast because your cat most likely is suffering from head trauma; look for blood coming out of the ears or nose.

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I’m sorry to say this your parents should not have pets in the house if this is the ruleā€¦. The kitty needs to be brought to the vet if for nothing else but to be put out of their misery. There are alot of Veterinary Schools out there that will allow you to sign over the animal and they would provide any care necessary and then find new home for the animal if it survived. Maybe you should ask if there is something like this around your area that your parents can take your kitty to, so at least he/she can get medical attention from a vet.

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Please keep us updated as to how things turn out.

The Update Lady

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First, you are the owner of the cat, and as such, have a responsibility to obtain adequate medical care for him. Failure to do so is considered neglect and could (and should) be prosecuted.

Second, if “this happens often” then you have no business having outdoor cats.

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@syz I’m get the feeling that the OP is a younger person who is still under his/her parent’s roof. This would be a tricky situation as he/she could be in a lot of trouble if he/she gets help for the cat and they potentially get a bill.

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Your cat really needs to see a vet. Heart and internal problems would be my first thought because of the breathing that you say he has. I would also think that feline asthma that was made worse by stress/fear or even heartworms could be a possibility for his open mouth breathing.

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Just to let everyone know, he survived and is running around and being playful just like he was before the accident. Thanks to everyone with the helpful comments.

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Yay kitty!

8 lives to go!

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