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What's a diploid cell line?

Asked by Mr_Saturn512 (558points) May 5th, 2011

I have a virology exam tomorrow and I feel good about it but there’s this one thing I can’t find anywhere. The teacher gives us tons of sheets with information and this is just thrown in there without explanation. It’s also not in the textbook (he tends to give us info outside from the textbook).

The thing that confuses me is that this is in terms of cultivation of viruses.

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Diploidy means that a chromosome is present twice in the cell. Most cells in animals and plants are diploid. In contrast, if a chromosome is only present once, the cell is haploid. This is the case in Ova and Sperm cells (they form a diploid cell when combined).

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@ragingloli I’m impressed ; D
He’s exactly right.

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