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UK Jelly Medics: Do they test urine samples for yeast growth?

Asked by nebule (16452points) March 16th, 2010

I need to know what labs test for when you send them a urine sample. Specifically if they test for yeast growth and overgrowth and what spectrum of bacteria they test for? If indeed there is a spectrum at all….

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They do whichever testing the Doctor specifies. If yeast is of con ern for you, make sure the Doc knows this.

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hmmmm….(it’s a bit late now for that :-(...I did it this morning…) it’s odd though isn’t it because you leave the doctors office…go and do your sample… pop it in the bag yourself…give it to the receptionist and I presume they just get taken from there… who ticks the boxes as such?...will they go back to the doctor before getting sent off? all a bit dodgy if you ask me…. I have no confidence left I don’t think in this system…

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The same with blood works. The lab tests for only what the Doc specifies. I took an employment physical which included urine and blood sampling. They took 3 vials of blood and since they took so much, I asked them to please check for HIV while doing all the other tests. The Doc took it upon himself to report my request to the hiring employer in a letter, now that was strange…

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Whoa….whatever happened to Dr./patient confidentiality ?

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@lynneblundell The doctor can usually call the lab and have a test added… provided they have enough sample to run the test and there is a good reason to run it.

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They just look for tiny little loaves of bread in the urine. that’s a sure sign of yeast

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thanks @SeventhSense surely I could identify those myself though no? :-)

Interesting @Cupcake although I don’t think my surgery run this kind of service…they’re not the friendliest most helpful people on the planet… they might think I’ve gone bonkers if I phone them asking them to do this… ho hum… see what the results say…I guess I can always go back… (hmpf)

Might call them tomorrow actually and ask them what the procedure is and for what they’ve sent it for testing,..

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If you frequently pee in cups. :)

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I don’t think yeast is a common taste but if your urine was cloudy they’d try to figure out why. The doctor puts his test requests on the requsition that goes to the nurse or the lab. the urine tests I used to do in a clinic was a labstx test for pH, sugar, proteins, specific gravity and other things I don’t remember!

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@faye taste?? what?? :-p

thank you for the more detailed info (sugar proteins etc) xx

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do they check your urine to see if it is male or female

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