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Has anyone else had problems recieving phone calls from certain numbers on their Iphone?

Asked by judochop (16099points) April 23rd, 2008

I have been on the phone with AT&T for the last hour and a half, bounced back and forth between APPLE and different tech support people. Nobody can figure it out. It is only about 5 numbers out of my address book

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Can you describe what is happening?

The only time I have had a problem is if someone tries to call me while I am doing something that uses Edge because I’m away from a WiFi connection (which is rare, thankfully)... the caller tells me that they don’t hear a ring or get voicemail, it is just dead air.

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Yes, more than a few people get a message reading:
Cannot complete the call as dialed.

Even though my number is saved in their address book and they can text me just fine.

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It’s cuz you bad mouthed it and it’s pissed! jk, that sucks, wish I could help.

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What hearkat said…you can’t receive calls while using EDGE, whether it gives a message or goes to voicemail depends on carrier….. Is this happening when you have signal and no active EDGE usage?
Im ‘thankfully’ not plagued by the EDGE/call conflict since I’m still getting this feckin PDP authentication error…..grrrrrr

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It happens all the time no matter where I am just from a certain group of numbers!
I have stumped AT&T and APPLE. They don’t know what to do.

I want to go on record (and most of you already know this) as saying that I hate my Iphone and it possibly is one of the worst phones I have ever owned.

(deep breath)

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Noooo…. Its the best toy ever!! Although I’m not crazy about all the set up issues ive had with O2 (giving me wrong no., not enabling txt and now the PDP business)

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You’re liable to get chopped! Judo is irate!

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Well with it lacking in so many features I don’t see where all the hype came from?
I know it is nice to be able to browse the web freely but can’t you also do that on your laptop? I mean, what else does it do?
I miss my GARMIN GPS and I miss being able to text and receive pictures, I miss the simple fact that I can’t take video with my phone, simple 10 second shorts that I can look back at (I travel a lot).
I will admit that the format and layout are nice and the design is nice but for me it is just lacking so much.
I had an OCEAN cell phone that blew it out of the water but the customer service was terrible on HELIO’s end. I also had several phones from Sprint but again the customer service level was nothing.
I am the type of person that expects the very best from a product. especially the customer service and that was the huge turn-on for me with AT&T.

Perhaps in June it will be more equipped as a smart phone but until then it is just a weak device for me.

As for APPLE being the first to introduce the format of touch screens and interactive web applications on a phone was to me, hurried. Alas you have to jailbreak your Iphone if you want to make it smarter! This to me makes no sense.
Garmin has had phones that the military uses on several occasions with the same stuff only better. I do believe that they are going to publicly sell them this year.

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Thanks for the warning peedub…
I know what you mean about the cam, although I like the quality pics it takes. And yes, I think there will be a lot more to come….there’s still plenty of features missing (arrow keys, copy/paste, international keypad, etc). Having said that, as a merger of my nano and phone, its fantastic – IMO

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Don’t forget the Finepix Z!

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Try taking your smartchip out and then putting it back in.

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Of course not peedub… handbag holds both :P

and Zack, I tried that, along with just about everything thinkable…..still nothing. It’s been ‘escalated’ though.

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Ok, for those of you still following this, I spent about 78 minutes on the phone with AT&T and after threating a law suit they finally got it taken care of.
I told them I had been trying to get this fixed for over a month now and that work was getting pissed off thus a law suit could happen.
Waaaa-Laaaa, fixed.
I love that great customer service that we all pay for.

If I am shelling out over $100 a month for a phone, it had better flippin work.

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Seriously, glad you got it taken care of. They should reimburse you something.

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So how did they fix it? What caused the problem in the first place?

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They told me that when I ported my phone number over that the port was never completed…..Go figure.
Seems pretty simple to me but hey, what do I know? I am only a rocket scientist.

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WOW. It sucks that you had to go through all that. Now that it’s working properly, I hope you enjoy your iPhone.

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Glad it got fixed. It’s amazing what the mention of law suit can do to push things along….
Now, happy iPhoning :-)

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