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What information would you consider to be essential on a business card?

Asked by richardhenry (12692points) April 23rd, 2008

Name, title, department, company, address, phone number, cell/mobile number, fax number, website address, what the company do… and is there anything you would like to see on a card that is very rarely included?

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Plenty of white space.

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You could add a quote on the bottom of the card????
Sometimes less is more though.

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@kevbo: that’s a given. :) I would hate a client that made me include all of the information I mentioned on that list.

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Is this for a standard business card, or are these personal-professional cards? I carry both – one is my work card, which has the basics, while I have another card for things that have some connection to my career but are not work-sponsored.

For the personal-professional stuff, I like things like blog or Twitter name. I always dig on things that show a bit of a personal touch.

I work for a web development firm where I designed a few batches of cards that had department-specific design elements. A little above the bottom edge (in light type) it also listed the networks the individual could be found on, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Pownce, Vimeo, etc. They were pretty popular and helped raise the profile of some of our employees on those networks. Since I did them as light design elements instead of heavy text, it worked without being overwhelming.

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Company’s mission statement, motto or quoted review, award nomination or similar. Doesn’t hurt to get a bit of advertising on there.

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Also: if you include a clear email address which contains the website address, should the address be printed a second time on the card? Do you think this is necessary? The audience for the card is pretty mixed, but the website is not particularly essential viewing.

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Name, title (department too maybe), phone, email. Company logo?

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Eggshell with raised ink

I’ll kill that bastard!

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remember: minimalism. sure its starting to get to be an old concept but working in the field i will tell you less is more. less is always more. stick to your name, profession, phone, email, web address. or business name, address, phone and web. If youre trying to get fancy spend on the paper and/or the ink quality. dont go for fancy images or crazy colors. also, your business card represents you. it tells people who you are, what you do, and how you do it. if you choose to use a fancy rounded edge or gold print, let it have a meaning. let it represent you. check out (click on business cards link) for inspiration.

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Essential? Company, name, email, phone #.

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That’s a question of taste and business strategy, Business cards should reflect the personality (brand) of your business.

The style, elements and information should all map back to that. Whatever you choose should strengthen what you company stands for.

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negative space..(some people like to write on cards). font size @ 12pt+...small fonts aren’t cool anymore ;)

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an email address is a must.

I met a guy last night that didn’t have an email address on his card..and he talked about his work and we exchanged cards. I didn’t bother to really look at it..just put it in my pocket. I had to jump through hoops to get his email address since his phone was disconnected. ::sigh::

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email is a must that’s usually forever unless the person leaves the company or the person changes their last name females esp.

Website for advertising and allowing people to easily verify your information.

Numbers are always changing.

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