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How much does Aspirin cost in your area?

Asked by SeaTurtle (1179points) May 8th, 2011

I’m shocked to see that a 20 pack of aspirin has doubled in price over the past two years whereas paracetamol prices continue to be so cheap Aspirin are now twice as expensive as ibuprofen and paracetamol in my part of the world.

Is this due to all the revelations that aspirin has more health benefits than was once thought and who is cashing in greedily from this? Is it the drug store owners, the Government. or pharmaceutical companies?

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I use BC powders and I honestly don’t remember how much I pay here lately but I’m pretty sure It isn’t enough to make me notice it being high.

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It’s cheap

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I think it’s around 30p for a packet of 16 if you buy supermarket own brand. Can’t say I’ve noticed it rise recently

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I buy a bottle about once every year or two.
Local Boston area is about $15 per 250 (500mg) count. Thats .06 per.
When I need a one, I would pay that and more for all it does.

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It isn’t licensed to any drug company so the price rises can’t be due to a monopoly on it. It must just be that paracetamol is bought as cheaply as possible by everyone as a medicine box staple so price is key, where as aspirin is probably bought specifially for certain conditions like stroke prevention, etc, so the places that sell it can get away with marking the price up a bit.

It is harder to find I think – Paracetamol rules the land of mild to moderate pain relief. I never buy it because it’s not on the shelf at the supermarket. I also worry about its side effects – not sure how justified my worries are in light of new evidence though

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Baby Asprin is more expensive than regular asprin. I just buy regular, and cut it in half.

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$3.64 for 325mg/500 tablets at Walmart. I buy it for my dog.

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I just ran out and replaced a big bottle. I bought a generic brand at CVS Pharmacy with 1,000 235 mg tablets, uncoated, for $8.95. That comes out to 0.9ยข per tablet. Sounds like @Blueroses is getting a better price at Walmart.

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Not that expensive but there are some medicines based on aspirin wich are cheaper [ and the same effect ]

I do not use aspirin though since a lot of my friends are allergic to it [ some heart disease and intolerance to it ]. I do not buy and use it because I do not want to give them a tablet by mistake.

For any ache I use Metamizole [ algocalmin ] and for the other uses wich Aspirin has I do not use nothing.

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@Hibernate Metamizole isn’t legally available in the USA unless it’s being marketed somewhere for veterinary use. How do you get it?

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I’m not from the US.

I’m sure not all those are marked as inappropriate.

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@Hibernate Yes, I looked at that. It says sales are banned in the US and many other countries, but are allowed in others. Some countries that ban it for human consumption allow it for veterinary medicine. See info on risks and availability around the world before deciding this is a good substitute for aspirin.

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I buy them at a pharmacy [ for human use ] not from a veterinary pharmacy.

You should try some substitutes.
I knew the risks from when I was a kid [ nowdays they added a few more ] If i didn’t contacted anything till now i’m sure to be fine with it from now on. I do my check-ups at doctor frequently.

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Thanks for the answers all. I should have added my prices, Iboprofen and paracetamol nz$1.70 pack of 16 and Aspirin nz$4.90. I think there is some sort of monopoly going on out here to make $$ from those with cardio issues.
Best answer @stinley

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@SeaTurtle Looks like they have a foolproof plan to transfer your pain from the headache that was bothering you to your wallet.

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