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What pushes your Fluther-buttons?

Asked by Blueroses (18236points) May 11th, 2011

I don’t think Pavlov ever did any conditioned response experiments with jellyfish but I’m interested in your hot-button topics.

What subjects come up in the lists that compel you to drop everything and answer immediately?

Conversely, you could answer with things that repel you. What comes up in “questions for you” that make you instantly press “not interested”?

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I couldn’t tell you specifically, it depends on the day and how feisty I’m feeling. Apparently I was compelled to answer this one! ;-)

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Anything with an Obama portmanteau is automatically ignored.

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I believe I answer almost all questions about mental health and alcoholism. I answer many but not all about homosexuality.

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I avoid relationship questions like the plague. I’m pretty sure I have never answered a “What does my dream mean?” question.

I gravitate toward pet/wildlife/ecology/conservation type questions.

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I like questions where I can talk about my huge cock.

I prefer to answer thought-provoking questions where people refrain from inane one-liners.

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Answer: Stuff to do with firearms, death penalty, infidelity and abortion.

Remove/Ignore: Stuff about cats, gaming, babies.

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@Neizvestnaya do you answer or avoid those topics?

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I hate the ‘Am I pregnant’ questions. Hate.

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@bob_ Is that a thought-provoking question in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

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I’m drawn to the “fun and games” questions, because they will offer a diversion. I’m equally drawn to the questions that are begging to be abused (“Am I pregnant?” from a 14-yr old), because I like to watch the train wreck that is likely to ensue. I’ll probably never engage in a thread about politics or religion (pointless); and I stay far afield from anything involving math. I get drawn in to the relationship questions on occasion, mostly to see the ebb and flow; and I’ve often revealed more about myself than I would have imagined.

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Lately I’ve found myself drawn into discussions with either young Jellies or noobs being rude, and I take on the role of pissy reprimander, a quality in myself I do not admire. Feel free to stuff a virtual sock in my mouth when I do that. It’s interfering with the “oh-so-cool” image I’m trying to cultivate here. :-/

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Anything related to sports, kids, movies or just plain silly stuff & i’m in.
Religion, politics & the eating habits of a monitor lizard & i’m out.

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Etymology. No. Entomology.

Well, one of them, anyway.

Maybe both.

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@JilltheTooth sometimes the youngsters need a slapdown, but I know what you mean. Sometimes I wonder what my grandmother is doing in my head. Anyway, we all know you’re nekkid and tattooed.

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@Blueroses : With my pants on my head!

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Questions I instantly answer:
What kind of cool shit do you own/do?
What about [insert historical event here]
Music questions.
Questions that appear to be silly on the surface but actually have some hidden “meat” to them.

Questions I ignore:
Dream questions
Relationship questions
Uber specific technical questions
Pregnancy questions
Celebrity/News questions

Questions that make me facepalm:
“y he no liek me?”
Questions about how evil us nasty, fascist mods are.
“Why are republicans so stupid? [link attached]”

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(I thought the question was, “Who pushes your Fluther-buttons?”)

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@janbb : I think we’d all have to go into witness protection if we answered that one!

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@janbb Check the thread before this one for a lengthy discussion on that topic.

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I like music related questions. I’m also a fan of religion questions also. I tend to be good at linguistics so those questions are also interesting to me. I hate the games people make on the social section. They seem to defeat the purpose of Fluther for me. I also hate when people ask for dream anlyses or talk about their relationship. This isn’t Dr. Phil, this isn’t Oprah; this is Fluther.

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Not much.
I sometimes get annoyed when people complain about the mods or the site itself. And religious questions.

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I honestly can’t say specifically, I’m pretty much of an all rounder.

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I don’t really press the not interested button unless it’s something I don’t feel like talking about that day. But I do personally hate questions when younger jellies get very rude and obnoxious.

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I think I like science, political/government, economics, sports, or music questions the best. Or anything funny. Any of the topics in my profile are all actually things I like. Even seahorse porn.

I can’t think of what I don’t like without leaving this page to look through stuff for examples. Mostly I just hate bad assumptions or misinformation.

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Oh yeah, I can’t stand religious questions either. Whenever I do answer them, I’m usually very terse or even tongue in cheek, and I intentionally avoid debating religion.

@KatetheGreat, But I do personally hate questions when younger jellies get very rude and obnoxious.

Those usually end hilariously. I should link you to the question some 14 year old posted asking why everyone hates Justin Beiber.

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Loaded questions.

Chronic whiners.

People who tell me how to participate/answer questions on the site.

People who call others ignorant for not agreeing with them.

When someone either corrects or is snarky about someone else’s simple grammar/punctuation error. It’s rude, in my opinion. If someone can’t resist, it should be done via PM rather than on the thread.

Users who proclaim to know everything about a certain topic and/or make ridiculous generalizations and comparisons, yet clearly have a rudimentary understanding of what they’re talking about. (This more so just bothers me with topics I happen to care a great deal about, although I recognize it often with other things).

I usually avoid political, technical, religious, historical, world event, sport, relationship and dreams questions because I’m either not interested or not knowledgeable enough on the topic.

I can’t really say that any of this stuff actually pushes my buttons, even though it can be real fun to bitch about. They’re just things that represent the more-so negatives of probably any online community.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard They are pretty funny, I agree. They just make me a little angry that they have not been raised to be respectful! But link meeee!

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@Blueroses Oh, I’ve got something in my pants to provoke you, alright.

@Vunessuh For you I’m loaded, no questions.

I think people should be more subtle in their flirting.

Also, I don’t like attention-whoring questions.

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I jump on the math questions like a mofo. I know we have plenty of very qualified jelly mathematicians so I’m always rushing to be the first. I don’t know why it matters. It’s an affliction.

I’m also all over the occasional “why is my poop like this” question because, sadly enough, I’m kind of an expert on that too.

I never get involved with, but guiltily love to lurk on, the threads that involve new members, usually youngins, who obviously don’t understand the vibe around here and get pissy at our wisest, most established members. Ouch.

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@Mariah : Next time you lurk on one of those, please reach out from behind your tree and yank me away. I tend to get so damned bossy!

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@JilltheTooth Okay! We’ll have pancakes instead!

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YES! Pancakes!

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Cooking, Music and Yarn.

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@Blueroses: I usually answer the ones that I said “answer” to and I usually remove or ignore the ones I wrote “remove/ignore”.

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The “Should I leave fluther?” questions make me want to hop on and say, “YESGETTHEFUCKOUTOFHEREWEALLHATEYOU.” Sadly, as a mod, I am not allowed to do that.

I am also sick of the, “Why do the mods hate me but no one else?” questions. I don’t understand why people can’t just contact us and tell us their grievances directly themselves rather than dragging the whole community into it.

I also hate the smoking any kind questions. Yeah, I usually answer them and I usually walk away being accused of murdering babies and eating endangered animals.

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@Neizvestnaya Damn! Sorry that blonde highlight went straight to my brain… I like totally didn’t see that before.

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@Blueroses: I was beginning to wonder about you~ heh.

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@Neizvestnaya well, if you were only beginning to wonder, I guess I was doing ok until that point. Please return to the program already in progress

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The only questions on here that have made me lose my cool have had to do with individuals taking the side of pro-pedophilia and convicted rapists. I don’t care if my response is knee jerk, not progressive thinking, and completely hostile. I will respond.

I tend to stay away from the How can I get my boyfriend to let me suck his dick and I’m a super sexual person, why can’t we just make the male penis a post-coital abortion spear kind of questions. I’ve always figured those are actually just middle aged dudes getting their jollies.

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Personally, I am drawn to answer the Social questions, games and rhymes and pop trivia.
My no-go flags are religion (although there was a great thread here lately), political statements that are barely disguised as questions and “give me lurve” questions, as @bob_ said.

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@Blueroses And who pushes your buttons?

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I used to love the religion questions when I joined the site, but I guess I just needed to rant my thoughts out of my system. Now I rarely feel the need. Sort of fluther therapy for me I guess.

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As @KatetheGreat so eloquently pointed out last night, I am drawn to any questions that are related to food or cooking, especially if it’s a question about vegetarian cooking.

I also tend to at least look at the relationship questions. I have had a number of crappy relationships that are the basis of my “Don’t Do What I Did!” answers. I’m always trying to save people from doing stupid things that will hurt or embarrass themselves or someone else. Public humiliation sucks.

I also love the “What’s your favorite such and such?” questions.

I almost always avoid the “What does this dream mean?” Because I don’t think dreams have inherent meaning. They are brain processes that are influenced by our day to day lives and our health, or lack thereof.

I never even look at the technical computer questions, because I have absolutely no idea of what any of it means.

I tend to avoid answering (but sometimes look at) the political questions. If you believe one way or the other, it’s not likely that you or I can persuade someone else of the “truth” whatever that might be. And sometimes those threads get so angry and mean that it actually hurts and scares me to read some of that stuff. Yikes! I thought we were all friends here.

I love the questions about lists of books, movies and music.

I’ll read just about any question that comes from @Jeruba or @queenie because they’re always thought provoking, and sensible and honest.

And I always look at questions by @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard because I know I’ll be in for a good romp, a good laugh and a few shocking moments! And I will most likely learn something that I had never even considered before.

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I find I’m drawn to many relationship questions. That’s the therapist in me. Having been through so many crappy things in my life I hope that I can help other people if even if only a bit.

My life is so busy that I cannot participate in the religion threads or other ones where I’d have to spend some time gathering sources. Perhaps when my kids are a little older if Fluther is still here.

I hate many of this one jelly’s questions. I automatically hit the “not interested” button.

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I’m not sure if I really have anything really specific, but I find that I enjoy talking about horror movies and zombies the most. I also seem drawn to questions about cannibals for some reason. I also like some of the lighter funny stuff, questions like Ucme often asks.

I mostly avoid questions about politics, because I suck at politics, and anyways, lots of them are some big ass feud fest. I do read through them sometimes though. Stuff about dreams and relationships I barely even pay attention to.

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Why was my response moderated?

Blueroses's avatar

@tinyfaery I have no idea why that happened. I even thanked you for that response. Who’s the mod on duty?

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Any question that appears to be posted by a troll. I have my suspicions!

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@Kardamom gosh, thanks sweetheart ^_^

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[mod says] Anything that’s too obviously about another member has been (and will be) removed.

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I immediately press the “not interested” button on:
Dream questions
Teenage dating
American politics
Osama Bin Laden
Modern celebrities
Game threads (mostly)

I think I would always answer a question on transsexualism, as long as it wasn’t trolling. However there are a few that I’ve answered but then had to stop following because they got into personal arguments.

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@downtide I hope you continue answering the latter. I’ve learned so much from your responses.

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Any political, religious, or relationship question I instantly pass by. I also laugh at the occasional “homework” questions.

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Postcoital abortion spear?

Oh lawd.

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I don’t think I have ever seen an “Am I pregnant” question on Fluther. Or else I’ve blanked them so effectively I can’t remember them.

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@noelleptc I’ve seen them on Yahoo Answers. I’m rather glad I haven’t seen them here.

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Oh @downtide. Never, never, never do a search on “Am I pregnant.”

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@noelleptc Yeah, that’s always my answer.

Also, if your pants don’t button after a week of unprotected sex, then you have a different problem all together.

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I once new a very stupid woman who denied she was pregnant until she gave birth. She told us she hadn’t had sex, so she didn’t know how she could have gotten pregnant. Guess what dumbass, you did have sex. She brought the baby to work to show us, then gave it up for adoption a few days later. Top 10 of the dumbest people I’ve ever met.

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@cockswain being given up for adoption sounds like a stroke of great fortune for that child

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An aquaintence of mine, a woman who weighed close to 400 pounds, was having un-protected sex with a guy in a band we used to go and see. The woman, I’ll call her Dot, was sleeping with this fellow for close to 3 years on a regular basis, but we kind of didn’t believe her because the fellow in the band was married and never acted like he was interested in her, although he did talk to her all the time, just like he did with the rest of us.

So one day, Dot got rushed to the hospital because she was having a lot of abdominal pain. Turns out that she was giving birth and it was indeed the fellow in the band who was the father. He admitted it, after Dot made a big stink. He ended up paying child support, stopped sleeping with Dot and divorced his wife (after she found out that he had been cheating)

Because Dot was so heavy, her periods were sporadic at best during her whole life. So she never thought she could get pregnant, and never knew she was pregnant until the baby was coming. Luckily the baby was of a normal size and in perfect health and Dot was very happy to have a baby.

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It’s probably like Sysiphus pushing the rock up the hill, but I answer those confused teenager questions all the time. We’ve all been there.

My actual favorites are the ones about food, wine, music, and sexuality. Because those things are awesome.

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@Blondesjon likes to push my fluther buttons :P

I’m drawn to Meta questions for some reason. Most meta questions, that is. I’ve given up on the party threads, no offense anyone. I lurve you, I just like to show my lurve in different ways. <3

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