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Can you answer this riddle?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2784points) May 11th, 2011

11 people all with different nationalities and different languages get captured and all put in the same room together. one kid holds a tennis ball and is throwing it around while one girl is trying to communicate with the other people and 2 other people crying while the rest choked, suddenly the lights go off and a person is found on the floor,another person checks his pulse and finds nothing, everyone starts to wonder who the killer is.
What happened?

I didn’t come up with it, so sorry if it makes no sense. XD

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This is the plot for Saw 23 isn’t it? Eeehh, you can’t fool me ;¬}

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Is it? O.O
Someone else posted it on a different website, and i’m trying to guess it to win a “virtual prize”
Lame, I know XD

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@NostalgicChills That means you yourself don’t know the answer!? What happens if none of us can guess it – we’re left hanging!! :o

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I got nothing.

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A cliffhanger?! bites nails

Yes, it means I don’t know it :/

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Colonel Mustard, with a tennis ball, in the parlor. If that wins, you have to split the money with me ;-)

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I got the answer: The guy put the tennis ball under his arm which stopped his pulse temporarily. So there was no real killer.

Well that stinks.
Thanks everyone for trying! :D

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Dude, I had the answer right before you wrote it.


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@NostalgicChills I have known this for years! URGHHHHH.

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Dude put the tennis ball under his arm? What? I totally don’t get this.

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Prophet, who was cloaked the whole time, switched of the light, and broke the guy’s neck. Then he recloaked just before the lights came back on.
Pretty obvious.

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I see, so when you put a tennis ball under your arm your body stops pumping blood completely. Gotcha!

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So now the riddle is why would a tennis ball under your arm stop your heart?

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The kid threw the tennis ball with the lights out and it ended up in someone’s mouth and they suffocated and died.

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