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Can I wash a chenille blanket in the washing machine?

Asked by occ (4176points) May 14th, 2007
I have a chenille-throw for our couch. Wondering if I can wash it in the machine? and dry it?
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wash, don't dry (?)
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Depends on size. When a heavy object gets saturated, it gets even heavier. A home washing machine may start to jump around on spin cycle. You're better off taking it to a commercial laundry and then dry on low...when wet, the thing may weigh a ton. I have had my washing machine leap around the room when trying to launder large towels.
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Yes, you can wash it. I just washed mine and it came ut looking and smelling like new!

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Ava--did you dry it in the machine? thanks!

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Yup, just toss it in the washing machine! Delicate cycle.

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UPDATE I washed it and it was fine…the one thing is shedded fuzz like crazy. So if anyone else tries this I’d recommend washing it alone (I washed it with another blanket which is now covered in chenille fuzz).

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Cool, thanks for the update! I was just wondering if it was safe to wash, and your comments totally helped out!

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