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In getting second opinion from a doctor, do you need to inform him what the first doctor said?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27269points) May 14th, 2011

People who have medical problems oftentimes seek a second or even a third opinion from other doctors, in order to be better informed about their condition and achieve confidence in the decisions they are about to make as for their treatment which could present more than one options.

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I guess its better they don’t inform the second (or third) doctor about the earlier diagnoses. That will allow the doctor to approach the matter with a fresh mind and avoid any prejudices.

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I never have until after they tell me what they think,if at all.

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Doesn’t the second doctor get that information on medical records before he/she sees you?

In veterinary practice, we always had the medical history in advance of second opinions. It saves time and money not repeating tests or meds that were already done. If anything, it fosters a competitive side in doctors (that I’ve seen). Since there’s no “perfection” in medical practice, practitioners enjoy finding things another doctor missed and they don’t look specifically to reinforce someone else’s diagnosis.

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It depends. When I sought a second opinion after a first doctor recommended a surgical procedure, I showed him the films the first doctor took and told him i did not want the surgical procedure if at all possible. he came up with a good alternative.

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@Blueroses and @marinelife Yes, it sure makes sense to communicate effectively to the doctors, so that they can do the best they can to help you!

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@Blueroses They can, but not if you never tell them you saw another doctor, and not if it’s your first appointment ever with the second opinion doctor and you haven’t signed the HIPAA form yet.

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You don’t have to tell them what you have been diagnosed with, but if you have needed an extensive workup to get that far and they don’t have access to it they have to redo it. Delays in diagnosis for you and waste of medical resources.

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I’d tell them what tests were done and make sure they have the results, but ask that they draw their own conclusions about them.

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No this is not a requirement in fact I would let the doctor give me their opinion first then if I felt the need disclose what the other doctor said.

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