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Have you ever had an embarrassing problem that you didn't want to tell your doctor? (possibly NSFW)

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) May 23rd, 2014

From this article.

I found #5, “Life’s unraveling, and you’re lonely.” most surprising.

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No. I always told my kids, “There are 2 people you never lie to: Your doctor and your lawyer.” Don’t know if they ever caught on that I didn’t include “Your Mom.” :)

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Can’t say I’ve ever found anything embarrassing. They’re my doctor, if I don’t tell them what the hell is wrong with me, how will I ever get better?

I actually have number 3 on that list, hyperhidrosis. Thankfully I only have it on my feet but I do have some of the stankiest feet ever because of it :P When I talked to the dermatologist about it she suggested botox injections into the sweat glands in my feet. I really didn’t like this idea so I just decided to get new socks and shoes that breath better which helped a lot. If I go barefoot my feet don’t sweat at all which is nice.

Fun fact, about number 6. The term priapism came from the Greek god Priapus – God of the mighty erection :P

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I have cried on my doctor’s shoulder as he gave me a pep talk on men that cheat and an STD test. It was the most comforting feeling. Then he gave me xanex for a week. :-) It’s nice to feel your doctor genuinely cares about you. He’s easy to be honest with.

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Yes, and I’m sure not telling you, either.

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@El_Cadejo Try toe socks. Seriously. Changed my life. There are plain colored ones like Injinji brand and Smartwool.

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Nope. Pretty much any problem you can think of your doctor has seen it before.

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How about 11. I don’t know how I can afford your medical bill… Lol

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No, but I have this real fear of needing to see the doc about something to do with my dick.
If it’s a man, “ain’t know way ya gonna touch it fool”done in my best Mr.T voice
If it’s a woman, it’s bound to get hard & then i’m going to go all red & stuff.

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I’ve never experienced any of the things on that list. I’ve also never been to embarassed to tell my doctor about anything. I’ve had three children at three different hospitals, with three different medical teams (two of the hospitals were teaching hospitals). I’m sure there isn’t much they haven’t seen.

I have had experiences with patient’s with all of these things over the years as a nurse.

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@ucme I have a (attractive, female) friend who was medical assistant at a urologist’s, and a guy getting hard is so not even close to the stories that stick with them and they tell, with much hilarity, to their friends over drinks. Unless you got a testicle the size of a grapefruit or something, you won’t even register on their radar. And if you do, obviously it’s better to go anyway… ;)

Seriously though, it’s best to just suck it up and go. Testicle Man’s problem got so bad because he was too embarassed to go to the doc for an entire year.

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I hate explaining anything to a doctor. They are evil incarnate.

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@hug_of_war Good one!

I don’t care to tell my doctor that I have to get up and pee at night nearly every hour on the hour. My prostrate is normal size and my PSA is normal so I think that I have an overactive bladder. But it is just at night. In the daytime I don’t have any abnormal urination issues. I worry that if I told my doctor about this that he would simply prescribe another drug for me to take. If I refuse to take the drug then I may become label d as noncompliant.

FYI: My cardiologist prescribed a miniscule dose (12.5mg) of Metroprolol which I have decided that I don’t need to take. I asked my cardiologist “Why am I taking this drug?” and he said that it helps my heart to beat better. However my heart beats very well without it so I have never taken it. That’s pretty bad of me to lie to my cardiologist but frankly I do not trust him. I think that the only reason that he has me taking the drug is because of some regulation that requires cardiology patients to be taking at least one drug of some sort to justify care and if I was not taking any drugs then he would lose me as a patient. Think about it. How can I be a cardiology patient and not take any medications? Also “My Chart” says that I have “congestive heart failure” and “anxiety problem” which even my cardiologist said is not correct yet after nearly a year remains in my chart. Also recent Nuclear Med Stress Test and Echo Cardiogram test indicate a normal and very strong athletic heart. Oh well, I could add a lot more to justify my actions but I’ll spare you. HA!

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@wildpotato I don’t doubt for a second they are used to it & are left cold by their experiences, but i’d still squirm like a fish on a line, for a moment at least.
Also, Testicle Man :D

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@gondwanalon Sounds like a blood sugar problem. Have you had yours checked?

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@Dan_Lyons My blood sugar is in the normal range usually. It can dip into the critical low range if I eat a sugary snack on an emty stomach. I never have elevated blood glucose levels.

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If you care to share, that’s great, @LornaLove. If not, we respect your privacy.

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@wildpotato I can’t wear toe socks. They just feel weird to me. Most of my socks are smartwool now though. I love them. It’s like walking on clouds all day and they really reduce a lot of the sweating.

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I don’t think I have an issue with being too embarrassed to mention something to my doctors, I just think there are some things I can’t talk about. I have no problems talking about the physical horrors of my body (trust me, you don’t wanna know), but god forbid my doctor ask me how I’m doing. My friend could have died and I’ll still say I’m fine. So, I could see how number 5 is in play. I definitely have more progress with my GP than my psychiatrist.

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Yes, a couple of times. Everybody has their own level of embarrassment, if they have faced any. I don’t know what’s my level. But I hope it’s not too wretched.

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Hells bells. Once you are unexpectedly given a well-woman check and since you didn’t expect it you didn’t shower that day, before you went to the doctor, there’s nothing left to be embarrassed about.

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I felt a little awkward telling the woman at the student health center at my college who looks barely older than me that I was getting headaches when I orgasmed, but I sucked it up. Doctors see and hear everything.

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I didn’t want to tell them because I thought I could just take care of it on my own, but I ended up telling them even though it was still incredibly embarrassing to do so. I don’t regret it, though, of course.

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Why would I waste my money like that?

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My premature ejaculation was kind of embarrassing.

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@Adirondackwannabe Try a couple drops of Oraljel on the head of your penis and you will likely be able to last a very long time. It has 20% benzocaine. A toothache pain medicine like that worked very well for me many years ago when I had the same problem. (FYI: I’m not a medical doctor).

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Sorry about that, I was kidding.

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