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CV joints and failing calipers?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (684points) May 14th, 2011

I hit a huge pothole in the winter and feel like I’ve been paying for it every since. I’ve changed my tires several times because of a bent rim. I also began feeling a vibration in my car’s acceleration for sometime but haven’t been able to get it fixed. Then a couple days ago, my brakes went out and despite filling the reservoir with additional fluid, they still didn’t work. I thought that the caliper had failed because there appears to be leakage all over the boot. As I turned the wheel in an effort to get at the caliper, I realized that the CV joint boot was cracked wide open. Is it possible that a failed CV joint has caused a brake failure or are these two seperate systems and I’m just experiencing bad luck? Should I replace the CV joints & calipers on both sides of the car?

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The oil leaking out of the CV boot is probably causing the brakes to not grip as they normally would.

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It sounds like a bunch of different things have happened. Bad rims can sometimes cause tires to wear unusually, older vehicles have fragile boots ( dried out and cracked ) and leaking (?) brakes can mean pads worn out and overheating causing the fluid to leak/breakdown.

Sounds like another vehicle might be the cheapest way to go.

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I think that the suspension itself took a few different forms of damage, Could be the strut, control arm, bearings, steering knuckle, or most likely a combination of those things.

I would have the entire corner checked out, and I doubt it’s the CV; that seems like a symptom. If you replace the CV and caliper, you’ll just do it again fairly soon.

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