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'Be the change that you want to see in the world' So what is that change?

Asked by saraaaaaa (2317points) May 14th, 2011

The question is such a Cliched saying and yet i do wonder, you can change one thing in the world what is that? What would you change in the hope to make a difference and why?

Hopefully not everyone out there would like to be Miss America and wish for world peace as it’s not that easy!

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The end of selfishness, greed and shortsightedness.
A clean, abundant, potent energy source would be cool too.
And the replicator.

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@ragingloli – Your second sentence isn’t that far away… They still need to work on pulling more electric out of the reactor than it takes to put in to keep the fusion reaction going.

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Be more open. Share more of yourself, especially the things you’re ashamed of. If more people opened up, we’d probably find more people doing those things, and maybe people would become less judgmental about them. Maybe people would find it easier to be who they are. Maybe others wouldn’t have to be so offended.

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Being Christlike.

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Be compassionate to humans and animals, alike.

Give up some of your stuff, that you don’t need (whether it’s money, clothing, food, bedding, shelter, comfort) so other’s (people and animals) can get more of what they need to live a decent life.

Don’t expect that everybody is equally skilled, talented, or able to care for themselves. Everybody deserves equal rights, but some people need more help than others (for whatever reason).

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I wish it was possible for everyone to have access to proper shelter, food and health care. No matter where they come from, their background or financial status.
As far as shelter goes, maybe nothing fancy, but something with adequate comfort and that protects against the elements. As for food, decent food that’s good for you, and as much as is needed. It should also be applicable for any situation, such as if you have kids, are taking care of an elderly person, wtv. Medical needs shouldn’t be compromised based on social status.
If you want a mansion, caviar or a PlayStation 3, then get a job and work for it, but everyone should be allowed the basic shit.
I do realize though, that if the world was like that, it would be very different. In fact I’m pretty sure something like that isn’t even possible, not given the type of societies we have, as well as how short supply the medical field is in most places.

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The Beatles sang, All you need is love.

If all things were approached lovingly
whatever change that resulted would benefit all.

Cliches aren’t necessarily bad.
But since they are cliches, they’re often ignored.

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I would change how people make choices in that their choices have REAL consequences….not deferred ones that don’t now directly affect them and simply pass on to future generations.

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I think that if all of us were compassionate, truly, truly compassionate…that would be the only change we would need.

Compassion is love in action…that’s my belief.

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Along the lines of what you have all said I believe that Empathy is severely lacking within the world, I truly believe that racism, sexism all forms of discrimination would not be a possibility if everyone was able to put themselves in the other persons shoes and truly try and understand what they are dealing with and why.

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