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Flickr attribution: Do I have to display it every time?

Asked by ben (8770points) June 10th, 2007
Ok, if I want to use a flickr image whose license specifies attribution--for a thumbnail image--do I have to display attribution in every instance of the thumbnail, or just in some central "picture info" location?
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CC's attribution is a little funny, since the license terms aren't so specific. I prefer either a byline on the photo, clicking the photo links back to their flickr page (particularly if you are hotlinking the image from flickr).
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But I think that a separate page of credits would be okay (often done in books), as long as it was clear how to find that page. Many photographers take a "strong" view of attribution, and really want to see their name/link immediately attached to the photo.
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Nicely solved! (And a beautiful website to boot)

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