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What is the best way of geting feedback of your wirk?

Asked by cyreb7 (222points) October 14th, 2008

I love hearing what other people think of my work, whether it is my photography or my video slideshows. I love to know what other people think, that way I can do better next time and improve my skill.

The best way I have found to get people to talk about my photography, is by posting my pictures on Flickr.

How do you get people to talk about your work? Do you find a website like Flickr? Do you post it on Fluther? Do you show people in real life? What do you do?

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Spamming on Youtube videos via comments is pretty effective. They don’t like that to much though.

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That was how I got a little traffic.

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Do you mind if people give you feedback on your spelling? ツ

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i already know about that one.

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A dictionary?

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I was distracted, ok?

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You guys are missing the point. Well anyways what I think you should do is start a blog. Post all your slideshows with your photography on Youtube and then attach it to your blog. Also a great blogging site is Tumblr. Try it.

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Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Never mind me…

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I have a Tumblr account but i never do anything with it.

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I’m not sure of ways to get more feedback for your work.
But I’d suggest targeting relevant audiences instead of spamming people.

But I’ve got to say, you’ve really got to edit your portfolio down.
Not everyone is going to have the patience to wade through all of those shots.
I know each picture has a place in your heart, but you’ve got to be more ruthless about it.
Pictures that are just pretty or nice need to get the boot.
Just like how you edit and crop each picture to create the best picture,
you’ve got to edit and cut your portfolio to show your best work.

For instance, this picture is strong. (Ideally, shifted slightly to the right.) While this one is not as strong. (in my personal opinion anyway). It doesn’t necessarily add anything to your portfolio and it lessens the impact of the first. Same with this picture. Save one or two shots, ditch the rest of the series. The more repetition you have, the less impact each shot has. Your ability to edit as a photographer also extends to which shots you choose. This is probably one of the more dynamic beach/ocean shots, but it’s lost in the sheer number of beach/ocean pictures that you have.

This is a nice shot. But since it’s towards the end of your photostream, not a lot of people are going to see it. Also, I’m a little OCD and would have liked to have seen it rotated clockwise just a bit. Right now it’s almost parallel with the right hand side, but not quite. If it were entirely skewed, it’d be fine. But right now it’s close enough to be parallel that it would seem that your intentions were to have it parallel, but you didn’t quite get it. Though, in this shot the slight askew-ness actually works in your favour. Probably depends on what you’re shooting.

I think you need to work on pushing the composition. Doesn’t necessarily need to be more complex. This is actually pretty simple. But it’s clean, well-composed and there’s a good balance between the technical and aesthetics, you know what I mean?

Also, I wouldn’t showcase simple Photoshop stuff like this. While it’s easy to impress anyone who doesn’t use Photoshop, it looks very amateur to anyone who does. I know you’re young. But it doesn’t mean you have to be perceived that way.

I hope that didn’t come off as harsh.
I’m just very blunt when people ask for feedback.
(That’s the only type of feedback I personally like.)

On a light note, I really like this shot.

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@robmandu I love that smiley-type emoticon – it’s ingenious.

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