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Why should you wash towels?

Asked by phoenyx (7380points) April 24th, 2008

I was thinking about it today. Shouldn’t you (in theory) be clean when you get out of the shower? Aren’t dirty towels just a sign that you aren’t doing a good enough job?

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Because the mold-stink will make your roommates complain and feel awkward for having to do such, trust me on this one.

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Yup, peedub has it right. Moisture = mold. In addition to being very unpleasant, its a health risk.

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Because you wipe you dirtiness all over them. I think it’s a legit reason.

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Unless you’re remarkably thorough with your steel-wool sponge in the shower, there will be residue… and such, in addition to the moisture, so you’re basically rubbing the towel in organic matter and moisture…..not something you want to leave to cultivate, I’m sure.

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Plus you dried your private regions with it next somone else may dry their face with that towel next.

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