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What do you clean your tile shower walls with if your cat drinks from the puddles?

Asked by row4food (3039points) January 16th, 2013

My cat jumps into the shower as soon as I’m done. He even slides open the doors when I’m not home and jumps in to drink up some puddles. (He has a regular water bowl that he uses but still insists on finding other ways of keeping hydrated.)

I need to keep the tiles clean, but I’m afraid that anything I use will be ingested by the cat. Is there a safe cleaner to use?

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I clean my house with vinegar and water only.

After a shower, I collect the hair in a rubber drainer and let a little clean water flow all over the shower stall.

My cat drinks regularly from the bottom of the tub. He waits patiently while I toss several glasses of clear water from the sink spigot ono the tub floor. It is part of our routine, several times a day and predictably during my morning and bedtime ablutions..

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Mr Clean Magic Erasers do a great job with almost No effort.

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Vinegar diluted with water works for me. Or you could do a search for pet safe bathroom cleaners, I am sure there are several brands out there.

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Lemon juice or white vinegar diluted with water for cleaning.
Also a pet safe solution for insects and pests: 20 cigarettes soaked in a quart of water for 2–3 days, strain and put liquid in spray bottle with a ¼ cup of dish liquid soap. Invert bottle slowly to mix. This kills MOST bugs quickly without the smell and poison of other store bought pest control. Works especially great on stink bugs, roaches and beetles. Note: May stain if sprayed on fabric or walls.

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My cat is not allowed in the tub or shower stall.

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Add me to the vinegar and water group. Spray it on the tile after a shower. Never scrub again

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Magic erasers and water. My tub is soap-scum free.

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another “vinegar and water” vote here

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I use pink solution in the bathroom (actually I use it everywhere). Cats, dogs and people could eat that stuff and be fine.

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Puddles? I always end each cleaning job by wiping all surfaces with a towel. If I left any puddles around, My house would be covered in mold in no time.

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Ideally you would prevent this behavior (and a host of medical problems) to begin with by hydrating your cat properly. Cats dislike standing water, which is why your cat goes for the constantly-refreshed water of your shower. Try a pet fountain.

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Thank you all for your suggestions. I will definitely try the vinegar and water solution.

It is hard to keep him out of the tub while I am not home. He is a pro at opening sliding doors, including the heavy, fully mirrored closet doors in the bedroom.

He had a fountain and didn’t use it as much as a regular water bowl, so I switched back. I also never felt like I could get the inner parts of the fountain completely clean, which worried me. I got him a large dog bowl so that he can pull it and make the water move without flipping it and creating a lake on the kitchen floor. And this way he gets fresh filtered water from the sink every day rather than just topping off the fountain when it gets low, and I can put it in the dishwasher.

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Personally, I’m not overly fond of the smell of vinegar so I use baking soda, particularly in sinks and tubs because it has a bit of grit to it for scrubbing (but without the risk of all the toxic crap they put into Ajax and similar scrubbers).

Just mix a tiny bit of water with it to form a paste. It rinses off just fine and since its a normal food substance, it’s obviously safe for humans and pets.

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@Buttonstc: The vinegary smell is initially strong and noticeable but dissipates within 15 minutes, I have noticed. Pretend you’re briefly visiting the salad bar.

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But it still has no mild abrasiveness; you can’t really scrub with it :)

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