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What country should I visit next? And what should I do there?

Asked by Allie (17441points) April 24th, 2008

(Enlighten me peedub.)

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Probably not as colourful as what peedub will offer you, but here’s a few interesting links that may give you inspiration: (btw, loving the quote on this one)

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Three words: Tijuana two-step. There are no shortage of must-sees in this quaint town-by-the-sea. The local artists in this village are famous for their oil on black velvet handiwork. I purchased the “Devil on Toilet,” a lesser known work by Jose. Other crafts include: chinese stars, dynamite, and hand woven pull overs with customized designs like Stussy Eightball painted on them.
The locals are friendly and celebrate your company by demonstrating their musical abilities by means of sports whistle, which is always accompanied by a generous pouring of tequila-water.

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If you do TJ be careful in the bars…things tend to get very crazy in them. You’re likely to leave behind too much cash, blood, sweat and/or tears. Mexico is wonderful and for something a bit more tame than those TJ bars try fishing in Cabo San Lucas, eating shrimp in Mazatlan, enjoying the beach at Alcupulco or dancing the night away at Hussong’s Cantina in Ensenada. Knowing the language even a little bit helps and is fun, but you only really require three words: tequila, cerveza and hielo (pronounced yellow), the latter two being beer and ice. Have fun!

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And fiesta!!! That’s a key word to know too. I’ve been going to Ensenada pretty much every other summer since I was about four. I love that city. It’s small enough to not get lost in and big enough to find something to do 24/7. And if you want to party it’s Papas & Beer you go to… not Hussong’s (although it is still fun there).
Rosarito is a good place too. Between Ensenada and Tijuana. Ive had some good times there.

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cape verde. Its a country formed by a group of 10 little islands. Its on the western coast of Africa. Most people haven’t heard of it but its so beautiful and its not expensive. The food is awesome. You should definitely look it up.

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I agree with justnice. Cape Verde: a fabulous, musical, vivid world. The completely clean ocean is perfect for swimming. The fish are utterly fresh. The islands are all quite different from one another both physiologically and culturally. They get less European and more African in flavor as you travel west along the chain. Portugal is the other major contributor to Cape Verdean genepool/culture) are to the east. There are a lot of young Senegalese men selling trinkets on the beach in Santa Maria (on Sal Island, where the airport is). They speak French. If you do too, you can learn a lot from them. They will be Muslims, so ditto on the learning. We were only there for five days and I would suggest taking at least two weeks.

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Come to Ireland. Have a Guinness, kiss the blarney stone and call in for a cup of tea.

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johnnyc299: Sounds like fun! I’ll be there in a jiff..

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Allie-You need to visit the lush rainforests of Costa Rica. The beaches are untouched and beautiful and the people are so friendly. It’s a perfect place to go and most locals speak a little english. You have to do a zip line through the rainforest if you go. You wear a harness and you climb 50 feet above the ground, then you swing from platform to platform high up in the tres through the forest. It’s ridiculous.

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cityshark: The zip line sounds really fun. I went on one during a week long retreat to the woods with my school one year. We climbed to the top of a redwood tree and then zipped across to another tree. They called it the Flying Squirrel.
I’m down to go to C.R. and zip about.

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You should visit Brazil, and stop them destroying the Amazon rainforest.

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