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Who do you think will win this years American Idol ?

Asked by xmen24 (22points) April 24th, 2008

I have been following AI right from the first episode. M. John was my fav. After his surprising exit, who do you think will win this years American idol ;)

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I would like to see David Cook win, but I think it may be difficult for him to win over the seemingly huge fanbase of Archuleta. They all sing very well, but I was suprised by tonight’s show having Syesha and Carly in the bottom two (they did extremely well on Tuesday).

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I’m going to have Robert on this one. He’s really got some moves.

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Not touching that link with a ten foot pole and earmuffs…

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I would answer your question with a real answer except i have no idea who is on american idol right now, the very first american idol was the only one i have ever seen. i wish that show would end, im just soooo sick of reality tv.

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omg I want David archileto to win! He is so0o0o0o0o cute!!!!

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