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What was the last thing that really, really made you laugh?

Asked by Jude (32126points) May 16th, 2011

Could be hormones, people, because let me tell you, they be crazay right, but, here is mine:

My girlfriend (in the picture) and I were changing her struts when I took this picture. When my girlfriend has a little bit of extra chub, in say, her arm, she says “looks like I’ve got baby in there”.

Here was her comment to this photo:

Me: ‎”!#!!##!!@!” (I am quoting her here because she was getting awfully frustrated, as things weren’t working out.)

Nikki (my g/f): And that’s just what the baby in my chin said…

I laughed so hard, I peed a little. I love her!

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My husband standing outside a portable toilet I was in in a deserted park. The door wouldn’t lock and knowing my paranoia he stood outside telling me about all the people who were coming up. I was so hysterical I nearly knocked the toilet over!

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Reading through the tweets that I favorited. A lot of them were from Jellies during our meet-up in Ohio last October. Some were inside jokes, others weren’t – but they were all funny to me and gave me a good laugh. Those were good days. =]

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Hiding from my little doggie under my bedcovers. He woke up, wanted breakfast, came sneaking into our room through the cracked open door and jumped all over us with his itty bittle little feet, especially our heads.

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I was walking by a gym and there was a woman walking in place on a treadmill that wasn’t turned on.

This happened yesterday. Things that happen in Russia!

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Someone on Fluther linked the God Warrior video in a thread 3 or 4 days back. I’m still laughing.

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@FutureMemory I just died laughing.

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@FutureMemory God Warriors – Giving Christians a bad name since the Crusades…
Anyways, the last thing I really laughed at was this

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The comedy show “Hillarious” by Louis CK, the part about how children react when the tv is turned off.

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I laughed heartily at one particular post today about the evils of sin and the grace of the Christian god of infinite patience. This is the same god who says “I love you. You’re going to hell.”

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Woke up this morning with a bad hangover and my penis was missing again.
This happens all the time, it’s detachable.

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Just watched “Meet Dave” Today and LOL for quite a long time.

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I saw this like a week ago and it refuses to stop being hilarious. I’m not sure why, but it totally cracks me up.

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The “Bopbopbop” guy at Home Depot yesterday.;)

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Another recent YT vid that cracks me up.

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The conversation I had at dinner tonight.

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@Jude I’m still laughing about the corduroy conversation you told me about :)

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Last night I watched a random episode of the Nanny. It was the one where Niles the Butler, who has found himself home alone, does his rendition of the “Risky Business” dance (like Tom Cruise did) in his underwear and sock garters!

I wish I could put the link up, but my linky thingee isn’t working right now : (

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I saw this the other day & I laughed until my ribs hurt.

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I watched Cyrus this evening and it made me laugh many times. Especially when my husband laughed so hard he had tears. It’s like watching someone vomit and you can’t control it, you need to vomit also. We were vomiting laughter tears I tell ya!

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I just came across this thing online about a tranny providing free maid services just because she loves to wear maid clothing. She even put up a video on YouTube showcasing her maid skills.

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