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Best roller coaster park / amusement park in the North East?

Asked by mohamedhamdan (4points) April 24th, 2008

Looking to plan a road trip for the summer…

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North east U.S. I suppose?
I dont know I’d this is north enough for you, but Six Flags Great adventure in Northern Jersey is fun, and Hershey park in Pennsylvania is awesome for kids and adults.

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i also recommend Hershey Park & Six Flags but there is also Dorney Park, which i enjoy, and if you want some carnival like rides, Seaside, NJ has lots of fun, unsafe rides!

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Oh yeah,ppcakes is right, dont forget Dorney!

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Six flags great adventure.. tell me you wouldn’t pee yourself on this roller coaster… (click the video link under where it says “kingda ka”)

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that ride breaks down so often, i’m surprised its still open.

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Six Flags is lameeeeeeeeeeeee. I guess thats what happens when you grow up 30 min away. Hersey is pretty fun. I dont know where exactly you are but if your anywhere near ohio i highly reccomend going to Cedar Point. ,they have 17 roller coasters 3 of which are the top 10 in the world. I spent a weekend there a couple years ago and i can tell you its awesome. Kingdaka is a lame ripoff of a rollercoaster at Cedar Point. Kingdaka is a bit higher and faster but the one at cedar point is much cooler because the amusement park overlooks the great lakes and Canada so theres a real nice view from the top as apposed to well trees trees and more trees in NJ.

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nothing is as good as fright fest in six flags when you grew up 30 minutes away, hahahahaha.

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Coney Island is worth a trip

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They closed Cyclone down though =(

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