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Do you take terrible pictures, but, look decent in real life?

Asked by Jude (32112points) May 17th, 2011

I hate having my picture taken. I don’t like to smile. But, in real life, I am pretty cute.

Anyone else have this problem?

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I certainly think I take terrible pictures, and I look better in real life. To make matters worse, my husband is disgustingly photogenic.

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At some angles, yes, I can look a lot worse than I do in real life. I’m not quite the Mariah Carey level of only on my left side!, but I know how I need to look into the camera if I want a half-decent shot.

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Yep. It’s wierd.

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Just the opposite. I take a great picture, but look terrible in real life :-p

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Yes. I must take about 10 pics to get one that looks like me. If I know someone is trying to take a pic then I can’t seem to smile naturally. They mostly look great if I crop out my head.~
I’ve been told I’m cute, like babies and monkeys are cute.

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The candid pictures on which i star are usualy the best, so when i notice someone is about to photograph me i put on my candid face.

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@rebbel Mine, too. Candid is better. If you ask me pose, I look ridiculous.

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@Jude I think we are not alone in this.
Might i add, by the way, that i suck in putting on candid faces.

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To some degree, I believe so. At least mirrors agree with me.

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Having my picture taken is probably at the top of my list of things that I hate having done…. but it ranks under having needles inserted under my toenails. I’m guessing.

99.9% of photos taken of me are absolutely horrific. I’m not joking. I take some of the worst photos of anyone I know. So much so that I have a reputation for taking hilarious/ridiculous/horrible pictures.

Contrary to @Jude, candid pics are the worst. I am guaranteed to look like an idiot if you just randomly snap my picture. At which point I will wrestle you to the ground and rip your camera/phone from your grubby little fingers.

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@ANef_is_Enuf but, you’re a beautiful girl.

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@Jude Thank you. :) I really don’t photograph well the majority of the time, and I’ve got lousy self esteem.. but I think I look much better in real life than I do in most photos.

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It could be worse though. You could take lovely pictures that don’t look like the real you at all.
I had a 250lb niece who took fabulous pics in wigs & makeup, had billion requests for dates from dating sites and what not but kept ending up disappointed and confused by the reactions of people in real life.

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“99.9% of photos taken of me are absolutely horrific. I’m not joking. I take some of the worst photos of anyone I know.”

I’m not looking for a debate here, but based on your photos that I’ve seen, I totally disagree!

You look beautiful in that pic with your sister, but for some reason you’re now going with the generic gellyfish pic.

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Exact scenario here. I look dreadful in any pictures but when I look in the mirror, I’m fine, even cute.
Unless I stare too long. that’s another story

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

@Brian1946 obviously I don’t share the horrible ones. That’s what happens after the wrestling you to the ground part… I delete the photo. :)

@noelleptc likewise. Though, I completely relate to the mysterious stuff that happens between the moment you look in the mirror and the moment you step in front of a camera. It’s baffling.

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You all know that you’re cute in real life. :)

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ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

@noelleptc you said it. My photo twin’s double chin is totally unnatural. Human beings should not look like that.

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I am actually pretty cute in real life. Ask Lucillex3.

(girl hormones)

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

@Jude you are cute in your pics, too, silly.

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@Jude To be entirely honest, I think you look great in the pics

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I’ve taken some pix with my winter beard that make me look like a lycanthropic gargoyle, but there are some where I look decent.

Here’s a decent pic of me from a few years ago. The only difference is that I now have a mustache. ;-)

One basic I learned about portrait photography is to use soft, overhead lighting.

Some people have said that I look decent in person.

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Cameras boycott my face.
Little children scream and run for cover.

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I’ve seen enough bad pictures of myself that maybe I’m actually not as good looking as I think.

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I have been told many times I am photogenic but I always find something wrong with my pictures.

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@noelleptc This is exactly what happens to me. I rarely look good in photos :(

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Depends. My cell phone takes terrible pictures of me. A normal camera with a flash, I look pretty good. But I think I usually look better in person than pictures.

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I’m not photogenic at all. My kids are like models though. So jealous.

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I can’t take a school photo, but I’m fine otherwise. Specifically candid shots.

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I definitely look better in motion.

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Note sure how “cute” I may be in real life, but I am horrendous in photos.

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@syz I disagree. I think that your photos are very cute.

Syz, you have pretty eyes,

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“I definitely look better in motion.”

Please excuse the 1960 hokiness of the following clip, but I think there’s a lot to be said for the aesthetic appeal of motion:

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You tell me. The other Milo in my life is the one on the left.

(Milo here; I hate candid pictures. Here O

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I avoid a camera like it is going to steal my soul. I always end up looking fucktarded in any picture im in.

IRL Im damn sexy :P

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I hate to smile (my hair is shorter here).

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It really depends on who is taking the picture. Some people just have really bad timing and keep clicking away no matter what expressions you are making or do it in unflattering light. Florensent lighting is most unflattering to most people. It highlights blemishes and can make a person look ill.
I have a cousin who I hate to see with a camera in his hands. He likes to capture pictures of you while talking or chewing food or drinking, or sleeping or staring at someone. For some reason he thinks this pics are great. Everyone always looks way different than what you see in real life.
I’ve had some really bad pictures and some really great ones. But most of the time I think it depends if I’m really in the mood to be photographed.

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Here’s a video of me working on my sexy smile. Careful, you won’t be able to stop thinking about me if you watch it.

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I think I look better in real life, and have never been a real picture fan.
This is because my family was absolutely OCD about picture taking. lol

EVERY get together, big, small, holidays, was the ” Ooookay….time for pictures! with everyone being directed around by mom who had to have the perfect group shots. poses, backgrounds…drove me nuts!

The pic in my avatar is from a beach trip last summer my daughter snapped , I look red and wind blown, but was having a really good time! haha

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My baby wasn’t photogenic at first..I feared he took after his father. But alas, he now looks adorable in photos. My husband..not so much. He is just not photogenic. Neither are my mother and father. I think I got lucky.

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I used to be pretty damn photogenic, I swear. Not now, though. I look awful, for real (I’m the awful looking one on the left). There’s a reason I use this 5 year old photo for most online things… because it’s the single decent picture taken of me in the last 10 or 15 years. I don’t know what the hell happened. Well besides getting older and fatter. ;)

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I would say that 8 times out of 10 I do not take a great picture. I often look at photos of myself and think “I know I look better in real life!”

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